Solar Knights

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Basic Details
Founded 01/01/2019
Headquarters South America
Color Pink
Status Active
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Solar King



As of 08/29/19
Total Nations 22
Score 48,018.02
Average Score 2,182.64
Alliance Rank 39
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP Black Knights
MDoAP Yakuza
MDoAP Afrika Korps
MDoAP Carthago

History Edit

'Welcome to Solar Knights, Get Your Vitamin D and Get Out'. KiWilliam

Founding Edit

The Solar Knights is an alliance that was founded on January 1st 2019 through a merger with The Covenant and Nuclear Knights. Solar Knights is a alliance founded on January 1st 2019 via a merger between The Covenant and Nuclear Knights. Originally led by a triumvirate of Kings.Spongebob William Wallace and KiWilliam. The rest of the government positions were filled up with past officials from the previous two alliances. On formation Solar Knights had 36 members with an alliance rating of 19.

Timeline Edit

Date News Alliances Refs
January 6th 2019 Declaration Of Existence
Ref 1
April 16th 2019 Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact Black Knights Ref 1
May 2nd 2019 Mutual Defense Pact Carthago Ref 1

May 7th 2019 Mutual Defense Pact Afrika Korps Ref 1

June 10th 2019 Formation Of The Citadel Bloc
Ref 1
June 18th 2019 Declaration Of War Against KETOG/Chaos coalition

Conflict Edit

Conflict Allies Versus Duration Result Refs
Dial-Up War Coalition B KETOG/Chaos coalition Ongoing Ongoing 1

2 3

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