This alliance or a majority of its members reformed it as Galactic Empire (2nd) on April 11, 2017.  More information is available here.

Socialist International

Socialist International Flag
Flag of Socialist International

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Basic Details
Founded April 1, 2017
Headquarters Europe
Color Red
Status Defunct
President: Wulfharth
Prime Minister: Orson Krennic
Minister of Defense: Flavius
Minister of Internal Affairs: Epimetheus
Minister of Finance: Black knight of ages
Total Nations 11
Score 13,018.88
Average Score 1,183.53
Alliance Rank 46
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protector: Cobra Kai Dojo
Protector: Polaris
MDP Vox Populi

The Socialist International (SI) was a short-lived red team alliance founded on April 1, 2017 as a reformation of the original Socialist International alliance. It reformed under the protection of the Cobra Kai Dojo and Polaris. It signed a communist bloc with Global Communist Bloc, International Revolution, and USRGC but later was removed and re-branded on April 11, 2017 into the Galactic Empire.

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April 1, 2017

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