Rough Riders
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This alliance has changed its name.

It is now known as Rough Riders.
The change took place as of 13 July 2018.
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Slytherin Flag
Flag of Slytherin

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Basic Details
Founded May 24th, 2018
Headquarters Europe
Color Green
Status Renamed
Headmaster Prof. Severus Snape
Deputy Headmaster
  • Aliyan
  • Tom Riddle
Faculty/Staff - High Gov
  • EssenceClone
  • Keen the Great
  • George Patton
Teaching Assistants - Low Gov
  • Dionysus
As of June 6th, 2018
Total Nations 21
Score 17,839
Average Score 849.48
Alliance Rank #56
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Ordo Paradoxia

Slytherin is a green alliance founded on the 24th of May 2018. A splinter alliance born from disagreements within the Nuclear Knights Government. 

Slytherin is currently a Protectorate of Ordo Paradoxia. 

History Edit

Slytherin was formed after disagreements and unfair workload between leadership in the Nuclear Knights. After a good deal of planning The House of Slytherin launched with 6 members after leaving Nuclear Knights and achieved a total score of 6,680.

During the first few days there were raiders abound; among them were Animation Domination, Esquire Knights, and Knights Templar. Slytherin held out of the next 5 days of fighting, firing 10 nukes in total to keep themselves from capitulating. Trucing on a good majority of the wars, the gauntlet had been run, and the The House of Slytherin had been baptized by fire. These hard fought wars are represented by the tatters of the Slytherin Flag.

Due to a large influx of Alliances being started at the time, finding a Protector proved difficult. Finally Frostbite, a then top 50 alliance extended a hand of friendship and proved themselves to be worthy and honorable protectors, helping to counter several attacks on Slytherin Members.

During those first few days Slytherin began an aggressive screening and interviewing process that only took in the most promising and active candidates. The membership of Slytherin quickly rose to 21 members and a score of 17,839 within it's first 2 weeks.

Slytherin also enjoyed an influx of Atlas members after its disbandment, these members currently make up 50% of the government.

Government Edit

Slytherin's division of government is split into 4 Categories: Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, Faculty/Staff, and Teaching Assistants.

Headmaster: Prof. Severus Snape 

Deputy Headmaster: Aliyan and Tom Riddle


  • Care of Magical Creatures Professor (Internal Affairs): Vacant
  • Arithmancy Professor (Economics/Production): EssenceClone
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor (Military/Protection): Keen the Great
  • Astronomy Professor (Foreign Affairs): George Patton

Teaching Assistants:

  • Astronomy (Foreign Affairs): Dionysus

Announcements Edit

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