Sliosia (12/02/18 - Modern Day) Edit

Sliosia was founded on 12/02/18, and is a Socialist Republic. Chairman Bryce (Bryce The Great) is the first

elected leader of the SSR (Sliosian Socialist Republic), and also was the 3rd leader and president of the SSP (Sliosian Socialist Party). Sliosia, known for its national parks, and forests is a current member of the United Socialist Nations. Sliosia has a rich history, and a fledgling economy which benefits the people instead of benefitting off people. Sliosia, is dedicated to the establishment of socialism, and spreading socialism to the multiple ends of orbis.

Chairman Bryce Edit

Chairman Bryce is one of the great leaders of orbis. He is known for his book “Origins of Slavery” and used to be the leader of the SSP, he stepped down from leadership of the party when he was elected Chairman recieving 47% of the vote.

Cities Edit

Sliosia has 7 cities, all up to date with advanced Infrastructure and technology. Cities are the birth center for culture and prosperity, and are treated as such.

Sliosia City - Sliosia City, the capital of the socialist republic. It is the birth place of Sliosia, and has the largest population out of all of Sliosias‘ cities. The population is 200,000, and is growing rapidly. This city is known for it environment, and clean energy. Pollution is non existent, as the capitol adhears to many laws as it represents Sliosia. During the Sliosia-Ranaun War, Sliosia City was bombed twice. the infrastructure was 23% destroyed. The USN was tremendously helpful in the rebuilding of the city. The Pirates of Ranau were too poor to pay off the $20,000,000 debt, so the United Socialist Nations loaned the Sliosian Government 15,000,000, which was payed off in 5 days. The war statistics are rough estimates, as government facilities were destroyed in the bombings.

Heisenburg - Heisenburg is the cornerstone of musical culture in Sliosia, with many famous bands such as Creek, and Rx originating from Heisenburg. The city is named after a famous drug lord, in the mythological tales of the numonian religion.

Aristes Valley - The largest city during the 1st cataclysm (this was when 7 families ruled over 7 different feudal states, battling to see who would conquer and then unite Sliosia first.) Aristes Valley is named for its lush fields and warm blue rivers. Fast forward a few thousand years, this is where now chairman Bryce met Pierre Walsh, an economist and political fanatic. The two wrote in the newspapers, advocated class war and revolution. They started a group with 367 men, and Pierre hatched The Seandix Plan. They would overthrow the local Artistes Valley government, and start the revolution from there. Eventually thousands of militants joined the alliance. This is also where the book “Origins of slavery” by Chairman Bryce was written.

Elbury - Named after the ancient Colbian era philosopher Dedric Elbury, this city home to over 200,000. The 3rd storm (when the 3rd leader of sliosia during the ancient sliosian period was assassinated), caused a dystopia to form. Crime was rampant, as the council had been assassinated. The only survivors of the council fled the city. Thousands were killed, and a stone age society grew in the streets. Gangs of men formed groups, and eventually a local government was establish here. When the local leader (Yellan Amiyelli) invaded Aristes Valley, the 1st cataclysm occurred.

Caulfield - When ancient people’s lived in Caulfield, they carved inscriptions of a huge beast. This beast had 3 heads, the body of a 6 foot bird, and the mouth of a dog. They called the beast a “Seandix” a rare mythological beast in the Numonian religion. During the Colbian period, Dov of Dainc sacked the city, stealing the famous horse of gold statue. Many scriptures and paintings exist of the horse, but no one knows what happened to the horse of gold statue. Caulfield is famous for the world renowned Caulfield college.

Panama City - Panama City is where Chairman Bryce was born, and where the great flood occurred, it was once the largest city during the ancient sliosian period. A flood occurred and the city was demolished almost entirely. a family with the most farms gained the most power, and feudalism was born here in sliosia.

Koselig - Home to over 200k, Koselig is the most pleasant socialist city. It was once a commune, but due to the councils set up, dwellings and food among other resources were not distributed according to need. During its short commune period, a militia was set up to defend against the Monarchy Of Sliosia (defunct). Eventually the rich offered the citizens of the commune bread, for which they so desperately needed. The commune collapse and Koselig entered a feudalist period once again, until the monarchy fell.

Wars Edit

Sliosian-Ranaun War:

Chairman Bryce The Great declared attrition war upon Ranau. Ranau attacked multiple USN countries, such as Bobistan. The war ended in a victory for Sliosia, as well for Sliosias' allies. As of 1/31/19 a permanent embargo has been placed on Ranau. This is the first war Sliosia has been involved in.

Total Losses:

Infrastructure Soldiers Tanks Aircraft Ships Money
Sliosia 1,288.00 3,279 24 33 0 0
Ranau 1,472.73 11,109 1,107 70 0 125,285.63
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