Sir Sam Cooper is current and definitely the most successful leader of the South American nation, People's Republic of Markovia.

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Sir Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper
The only picture ever taken of Sir Sam Cooper
Political Information
Position: Leader
Nation: Markovia
Inauguration: 2016
Government: Dictatorship (Approved by people)
Social Policies: Liberal
Economic Policies: Moderate

Early Life Edit

Sir Sam Cooper was born in Raven City (then, a village) in mid-east Markovia on Aug 16th 1992. There he spent the first 5 years of his life before the Raven City massacre took place and killed most of its population including his family, he then moved to Venus City (then, the Markovian capital) in 1997 for a fresh start.

Any other information of his origin was erased in the Great Fire of Markovian State Archives.

Education Edit

Sir Sam Cooper spent next 8 years working in a library and studying in different high schools throughout Venus City until he finally graduated in 2007 and was invited by Oracle City University for his Bachelor's in Military HIstory.

The year he started his Master's, the first Student Rebellion broke out in all Colleges and Universities throughout Markovia and he left the university to protest against the government.

Life During the Revolution Edit

2010 - 2012 Student Protests Edit

In 2010, the Markovian government introduced the notorious Anti-Privacy Act. A major part of this act was targeted towards students in order to shape the young minds according to government's needs.

The government officials showed up at the Oracle City University in March, 2010 and asked the college authority

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