Sino-CoTin War
War Torn City In India
War torn cityscape as a result of Chinese artillery fire
Date 07/02/2018 08:48 AM
Casus belli Attempted espionage attacks
Status Concluded
United China Chinese Union Co-Tin Flag Co-Tin

Zhi-Kang Sim


1 Nations

416.50 Score

4 Nations

1500+ Score

Casualties and losses
20,000+ 74,000+
The Sino-CoTin war is a war currently ongoing between The United Chinese Front and a coalition of Co-Tin forces.

Background Edit

Historically The United Chinese Front had very poor relations or any diplomatic relations at all for that fact but it previously had close ties to Ex-Misfits members who were enemies of Co-Tin. After an alledged failed espionage attack committed against China by a Co-Tin member China declared war on 1 Co-Tin nation in response then another 2 the next day.

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