This alliance has disbanded as of February 18, 2020.


Silenzio Flag.png
Flag of Silenzio

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Basic Details
Founded 4 January 2018
Headquarters North America
Color Black
Status Disbanded
Discord Server Join Here
Godfather LordStrum
Consigliere Psweet
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

Silenzio was a Black team alliance formed on January 4th, 2018, as a splinter from the Black Knights. Formed by former BK Emperor LordStrum and Stratton Oakmont founder Psweet, the alliance was intended to be an unaligned business-based alliance. However, due to lack of interest in both its services and in recruitment, Silenzio achieved very little of its goals. It was protected by The Knights Radiant starting on February 24, 2018, in a move probably done to gain FA points on Superchola X (the former Black Knights). Silenzio would lose interest due to the long wars and the constant attacks from Superchola X, and would basically be disbanded by December 12, 2019, when LordStrum announced his second attempt to quit the game. Silenzio officially disbanded on February 18, 2020, with the reformation of BK. LordStrum would return to BK, while Psweet would go on to become a founder of Chocolate Castle.

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