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Silent War
Part of the Great Wars
Silent War
Date Sept. 10, 2016 - Oct. 13, 2016
Casus belli None formally given

Pre-emptive strike on Syndisphere

Result Close Syndisphere victory

NPO, UPN, and Polaris pay BK a total of $525,000,000.

BK, TKR, BoC, NPO, UPN, and Polaris agree to a 4-month NAP.

Alpha pays The Coalition $30,000,000.

Preceded by
Parallax Raid War
TEst-TFP War
Succeeded by
4th GCB-GOS War

Rose Flag
Rose Surrendered

Viridian Entente Flag
Viridian Entente Surrendered
The Covenant Badge
The Covenant

United Purple Nations Flag
United Purple Nations Surrendered
Polaris War Flag
Polaris Surrendered
Dutch East India Company Flag
The Dutch East India Company Surrendered

North American Confederacy Flag
North American Confederacy Surrendered

New Pacific Order War Flag
New Pacific Order Surrendered
Holy Britannian Empire Flag
Holy Britannian Empire  Surrendered
Seven Kingdoms Flag
Seven Kingdoms Surrendered
Valyria Flag
Valyria Surrendered
Oblivion Flag
Oblivion Surrendered
Earth Flag
International Northwestern Union Surrendered
The 13th Legion Flag
The 13th Legion Surrendered
Fark Flag
Fark Surrendered
Alpha Flag
Alpha Surrendered
Order of Storms Flag
Order of Storms Surrendered
Arrgh Flag
Terminus Est Flag
Terminus Est
Roz Wei Flag
Roz Wei
Nuclear Knights Flag
Nuclear Knights

Obsidian Order Banner
The Obsidian Order

The Knights Radiant Flag
The Knights Radiant
Black Knights Flag
Black Knights

Brotherhood of the Clouds 1st Flag
Brotherhood of the Clouds

Guardian Flag
Mensa HQ Flag
Mensa HQ
The Syndicate Flag
The Syndicate
Earth Space Defense Flag
Earth Space Defense
Cornerstone Flag
Pantheon Flag
Valkyrie Flag
Order of the White Rose Flag
Order of the White Rose
The Coalition Flag
The Coalition
Resplendent Inc. Flag
Resplendent Inc.
The Chola Flag
The Chola
Ragnarok Flag
The Light Federation Flag
The Light Federation


Rose Flag Keegoz Surrendered
Rose Flag Belisarius Surrendered
Viridian Entente Flag MoonPie Surrendered
United Purple Nations Flag Hansarius Surrendered
Polaris War Flag AlmightyGrub Surrendered
Dutch East India Company Flag TheNG Surrendered
North American Confederacy Flag George Clooney Surrendered
New Pacific Order War Flag Roquentin Surrendered
Holy Britannian Empire Flag hadesflames Surrendered
Seven Kingdoms Flag Valdoroth Surrendered
Valyria Flag Morgan Surrendered
Valyria Flag Thomas Surrendered
Valyria Flag Bradley Davies Surrendered
Oblivion Flag Park Surrendered
Earth Flag Tone Surrendered
The 13th Legion Flag Ilikepie Surrendered
The 13th Legion Flag Curtimus Maximus Surrendered
Fark Flag Slick Johnson Surrendered
Fark Flag Kosmo Surrendered
Alpha Flag Placentica Surrendered
Order of Storms Flag Lord Frostsword Surrendered
Arrgh Flag Ogaden
Terminus Est Flag Prefontaine
Roz Wei Flag Rozalia
Nuclear Knights Flag Apeman

The Knights Radiant Flag Dalinar
The Knights Radiant Flag Lordship
Black Knights Flag LordStrum
Brotherhood of the Clouds 1st Flag Josh Freer
Brotherhood of the Clouds 1st Flag Bezzers
Guardian Flag Memph
Mensa HQ Flag Vanek26
The Syndicate Flag Carmen Sandiego
The Syndicate Flag Manthrax
The Syndicate Flag Jessica Rabbit
Earth Space Defense Flag MadMax
Earth Space Defense Flag Riza Hawkeye
Cornerstone Flag Robert P. Holmes III
Cornerstone Flag zigbigadorlou
Pantheon Flag Yui
Valkyrie Flag William Mannax
Valkyrie Flag Chris
Valkyrie Flag Young
Order of the White Rose Flag Sval
The Coalition Flag Aurelius
Resplendent Inc. Flag Prezyan
The Chola Flag Arkiri Arch
The Chola Flag Conroy
The Chola Flag Frank Underwood
Ragnarok Flag Diomedes
The Light Federation Flag Alataq
The Light Federation Flag MrBooty
The Light Federation Flag Red

1,279,000 score

917 members

1,134,000 score

815 members

Casualties and losses
$~101 billion in infra, cash, and resources $~70 billion in infra, cash, and resources
1VE, Valyria, INWU, The 13th Legion, Fark, and Ragnarok entered the war with no official notice.

The Silent War was a global conflict which broke out on September 10, 2016 with a surprise attack on Syndisphere by Paragon and The Covenant. A few days in, the paperless alliances joined the conflict with an attack on the Syndisphere alliance Pantheon. The war ended a month later on October 13, 2016, with a close Syndisphere victory. The conflict notably began without many official declarations from the attacking alliances. With 36 belligerent alliances, it held the record for most alliances involved in a single war for two years and one month until it was passed by Knightfall in October of 2018.


After NPO's First Time ♥ ended in a major Syndisphere victory, and the game's highest scoring alliance Pantheon moved to the Syndisphere side, Paracovenant appeared to be unable to oppose Syndisphere any longer. Rose and VE cancelled their treaties with the rest of their sphere, effectively splitting Paracovenant back into Paragon and Covenant.

Lots of debate about the future of the game took place on the OWF, with many outside the Syndisphere arguing that it had grown too powerful, and the game would become one-sided and undynamic unless Syndisphere changed. A new treaty between Mensa and BK was taken as evidence that Syndisphere was only going to consolidate further. Players in Syndisphere argued that they had originally formed their sphere as a defense against outside aggression, and repeated attempts to beat them were what forced them to grow and consolidate. They argued that they had always fought with a score disadvantage and won with skill, and that their enemies had never given up power when they had it.

At the beginning of September, a few alliances increased their military levels, causing other alliances to start to partially militarize in response. At some point NPO and Rose decided that they had to take this chance to defeat the Syndicate, and they rallied their allies behind a plan of attack.


On Sept. 10, Rose attacked the The Knights Radiant and Guardian, the Viridian Entente attacked Mensa HQ, and the United Purple Nations, New Pacific Order, and Holy Britannian Empire attacked the Black Knights.

Notably, many of these attacks came without declarations of war, and without any CBs given. This became the reason for the name "Silent War", although the OWF was filled with hundreds of pages of discussion and argument over the course of the war.

The Syndisphere was taken by surprise, and was not highly militarized. Neither were most of the alliances attacking them - with the exception of NPO, who had always kept their military nearly maxed even in peacetime.

In the following days, both sides scrambled to militarize as fast as possible and throw more alliances into the fight wherever they were most needed.

A few of the major fronts of the war were as follows: In the first few days of the war the Black Knights were slowly beaten, along with alliances like Resplendent that were sent in to help them. However, they managed to pin down the alliances attacking them and prevent them from moving on to other fronts. The Syndicate used a very successful strategy of using nothing but aircraft and focusing on grinding down enemy air numbers, which kept their nation score low and allowed them to slowly airstrike their enemies armies away despite initial economic losses. The Knights Radiant and Guardian survived Rose's attack, and The Knights Radiant was also able to fight off further war declarations by Oblivion, NAC, and DEIC. TKR was winning and increasing military numbers by the second day, and soon became the strongest alliance in the fight. Mensa HQ attacked UPN and NPO, and fought with their usual success, until they were pinned down by counterattacks by Alpha and Fark.

On September 13, the paperless alliances Terminus Est, Arrgh, and Roz Wei entered the war against Pantheon. They were paid to enter the war, and Pantheon was also a natural target for them, being the richest alliance in the game at the time and perceived as weak after a long period of neutrality. Pantheon had also lost their leader during the war, who resigned and deleted his nation after accidentally missing a blitz while having the only target list. Pantheon was soon beaten badly, especially in the upper tier by TEst.

By September 14, various Syndisphere alliances had been successful enough to go on the offensive. Paragon and Covenant hoped that Syndisphere would be forced to respond to TEst, but instead Pantheon and Terminus Est agreed that there would only be a few days of fighting between them alone and then peace. The Knights Radiant blitzed Fark, and the rest of the recovered alliances in Syndisphere blitzed Alpha, which relieved Mensa.

The next day, The Syndicate and TKR attacked NPO. NPO by this time was using the strategy of all aircraft, and in peacetime had grown all their nations to the same level of cities, resulting in nearly a hundred NPO members packed into a range of around 600-900 nation score. In this small score range NPO was able to fight very successfully against the alliances attacking them, although Syndisphere had the money and numbers and downdeclare advantage to slowly grind them down, especially after wrapping up the fight on all the other fronts.

On September 22-29, VE, HBE, Oblivion, Rose and NAC surrendered, and SK signed white peace.

The war dragged on until October 13, because of a bitter dispute between NPO and BK over reparation payments. BK would not accept peace with NPO's allies until NPO agreed to pay, and when a reduced payment was finally agreed on, peace was signed between the remaining alliances. BK, TKR, and BoC also agreed to a NAP with NPO, UPN, and Polaris for 4 months.


After the war, Keegoz stepped down as Emperor of Rose and was replaced by Durmij.

Rose and VE split up and Rose treatied Mensa, ending Paragon.

SK and Valyria cut any remaining ties to Paracov and became an independent sphere

The Syndicate had captured most of the game's treasures in the war, afterwards pooled most of them into a mega-alliance called Treasure Island for economic purposes. On November 5, Sheepy changed the treasure bonus to have diminishing returns in response to this tactic.

Known Hostilities Timeline[]

The following are the known hostilities as seen in-game:

Starting September 10

Starting September 11

  • The North American Confederacy and The Dutch East India Company attacking The Knights Radiant
  • Cornerstone attacking the United Purple Nations
  • Earth Space Defense, a protectorate of the Knights Radiant, attacking Oblivion
  • Polaris attacking the Black Knights
  • The Seven Kingdoms attacking Guardian
  • The 13th Legion attacking The Syndicate
  • Pantheon attacking the Viridian Entente and United Purple Nations
  • Mensa HQ attacking the Seven Kingdoms

Starting September 12

  • Mensa HQ attacking the United Purple Nations and the New Pacific Order
  • The Syndicate attacking the Viridian Entente
  • The Dutch East India Company attacking Cornerstone
  • Valkyrie attacking Rose
  • The Brotherhood of the Clouds, the Order of the White Rose, and Resplendent Inc. attacking the New Pacific Order
  • The Coalition attacking the Dutch East India Company

Starting September 13

Starting September 14

  • The Knights Radiant attacking Fark
  • The Syndicate, Resplendent Inc, The Coalition, The Chola, and Guardian attacking Alpha
  • The Order of Storms attacking Valkyrie
  • Ragnarok, protectorate of The Syndicate, attacking Viridian Entente and Roz Wei

Starting September 15

  • The Knights Radiant declares war on NPO
  • The Syndicate declares war on NPO and Rose
  • The Light Federation declares war on SK
  • Nuclear Knights enters the war in defense of Alpha

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