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The Shiite Anarchist Revolutionary Front (SARF) is a terrorist group led by Sergei Sebdonov, Andrej Vishtodos, and Semyon Marshenko.


The ideology of SARF is Islamism. They believe that Sharia is the only basis of law. They call themselves anarchists because they say that Sharia is anarchy compared to the statist enslaving rule of Vladimir Zhogin.

Members of the SARFEdit

Various members of the SARF caused malevolence and destruction on Khevin.

Andrej VishtodosEdit

He was the first Shiite to kidnap public figures. He kidnapped all of the staff of the Khevin News Network. He raped Lucia Svadin and brutally tortured and murdered other members of the staff. After the kidnapping was broken, he fled and a 8 month manhunt ensued. He lead the police to Valkoan, but he was nowhere to be seen. He rescued Semyon Marsenko.


Sergei SebdonovEdit

He was the secretary general of the Shiite Anarchist Front political party. He demanded the impeachment of Vladimir Zhogin after the incident in Canada. He disappeared after the capital building bombing.


Semyon MarshenkoEdit

He was the former general of the Khevin Armed Forces. He was relieved of his duties when it was revealed he beat his wife and supported the SARF. He was rescued by Andrej Vishtodos. He was later captured in the final battle at Guevaran.

LOCATION: Khevinist Prison

Abdul AliEdit

He was the first man who started the insurgency. It began with a shooting in Tspasokpaki in 1994. He killed 2 and injured 20. His hone was found in the Danube River, and it revealed he was in contact with the Shiite Anarchist Front political party. He was later captured after the KCW in the final battle at Guevaran.

LOCATION: Khevinist Prison

The Khevinist Civil WarEdit

Khevin went to war with the SARF. After the Capital building was attacked during Vladimir Zhogin's impeachment, Vladimir Zhogin made a speech the next day declaring war on the SARF. The first battle was in Guevaran. Many Khevinists died. The SARF moved southeast to advance on Motheus. They moved 30 miles to only be attacked by the KAF. Khevin won that battle, killing 1,000 Shiites, and moving them back to Guevaran. Then, Khevin led a huge attack on the outskirts of Guevaran. It was a huge success, other than the lethal injuries to Vladimir Zhogin. A few months later, they finally invaded Guevaran, and successfully captured 30,000 terrorists. The war was over, but the SARF did not die yet.

The Khevinist Civil War
Date December 9, 1997- June 26, 1999
Casus belli Terrorist Attacks on innocents
Status Ended
Preceded by
The Khevinist Rebellion
Khevin, Canada SARF

Vladimir Zhogin, Eric, Khayri Zalenko

Semyon Marshenko, Andrej Vishtodos

102,000 65,000
Casualties and losses
13000 50000
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