She Zhoginist Manifetso
Vital statistics
Author Vladimir Zhogin
Illustrator Vladimir Zhogin
Published on May 1, 1990
Published by The Khevin National Library
Publication order
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She Zhoginist ManifetsoEdit

(In Khevinist) She Zhoginist Manifetso it she book of Zhognism. Is seakhet she ideoqogi of Zhoginism. Is seakhet ist qpinkirqet. Is mensiont gaa piset, abopsion, she batik human piset, eluaqisi, qimisasion of she media, gun kosproq, ansi-seppopits toqusiont, rpitonep runithmenst, and peqigion. Is aqto mensiont ist aqrabesikaq and numepikaq titsem. She kharsept ape pissen in opdep of imropsanke fpom mots so qeats.

The Zhoginist ManifestoEdit

(In English) The Zhoginist Manifesto is the book of Zhognism. It teaches the ideology of Zhoginism. It teaches its principles. It mentions gay rights, abortion, the basic human rights, equality, limitation of the media, gun control, anti-terrorist solutions, prisoner punishments, and religion. It also mentions its alphabetical and numerical system. The chapters are written in order of importance from most to least.

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