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Shadow's Rebuild War
Shadow the Hedgehog.jpg
Date 19th-21st, August, 2018
Casus belli Shadow needed spare parts
Status Concluded
Preceded by
Dance Dance Revolution
Succeeded by

The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura Flag.jpg
The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura

Support: United Hoods Flag.png
United Hoods
United Nations of Culture Flag.png
United Nations of Culture

Camelot Flag.png
Typhon Flag.jpg

Support: La Mafia Flag.jpg
La Mafia


The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura Flag.jpg Ukanawa
United Hoods Flag.png Ayo
United Nations of Culture Flag.png JordyHamsVII

Camelot Flag.png Arthur
Camelot Flag.png Epimetheus
Typhon Flag.jpg Zephyr
Typhon Flag.jpg Telly
La Mafia Flag.jpg TaunTaun

51,400 Score
80 Nations
44,300 Score
65 Nations
An unnamed bloc attempted a 5 way Treaty chain

Shadow's Rebuild War was a minor conflict between sub 50 alliances which began on the 18th of August, 2018 when Camelot declared its existence with a warning.

On the 19th of August, 2018 Camelot, Typhon, and La Mafia blitzed The Empire of Moonlit Sakura. All wars went in the coalition's favor but were peaced out on the 21st. After Camelot declared victory, they made the negotiations public and received 25 million in political compensations from Animation Domination.

The United Empire of Zah'Aharon, United Nations of Culture, United Hoods and Animation Domination all supported Moonlit Sakura diplomatically.

The Drama

An interesting thing to note for this war was the amount of political drama that went hand-in-hand with the war. Unlike most micro dramas that are never heard of, this war escalated to the level of a 'near global war'.

Another interesting thing to note was the fact that the La Mafia blitz and Camelot blitz were in no way interrelated. It just happened 'on the same date, time and for the same reason(practice war)'. La Mafia peaced out on the next day due to international pressure.

The peace discussions began within 24-hours of the initial blitz with UNC being the first to approach Camelot government for peace. The discussions concluded a few hours prior date change on the 20th of August. The peace discussion saw the entire of Vanguard bloc, Animation Domination and the Black Knights participating in it.

As well as a brief Shifty news write up on the drama.

La Mafia was the first to peace out of the following continued negotiations by the IQ bloc.

Peace was finally reached on the 21st of August with a joint declaration of war, peace and a new non-papered treaty between La Mafia and Camelot on the OWF.