Sethtekian Troops
The Sethtekian Military is a fanatical and radical group of warriors entirely dedicated to the protection of the borders and the people of Sethtekia. So much though that they seem uncomprimising, brainwashed. And having no will of their own when it comes to the defense of their people. They are criticized for their extreme use of Cyanide pills. In which to prevent Capture. They will injest a pill to ensure they will not be taken alive. As using their own gun is a cowards way out to the people.


Sethtekian Troops

A Fireteam of Sethtekian troops

The Sethtekian Army is comprised of thousands of soldiers entirely dedicated to the safety and protection of the people. They are considered to be the fiercest of the Nation's military and are divided into teams of four for maximum effeciency.
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