Imperial german eagle flag by americansfr-d93elj9 Flag of Sethtekia

Dolf Krieg4
Commandant Dolf Krieg
Knight of Knights Templar
Basic Information
Founded 10/14/2018
Color Maroon
National Statistics
Government Type Stratocracy Stratocracy
Social Policies Authoritarian Authoritarian
Economic Policies Moderate Moderate
Economy Capitalist Capitalist
Religion Templaric Christianity
Currency Sethtekian Euro
Civilians 200,000
Area 6140 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 32.43 people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name Sethtekian Military
Infantry Classified
Tanks Classified
Aircraft Classified
Ships Classified
Spies Classified
Missiles Classified
Nuclear Warheads Classified
Stadium: Carpathian Stadium
Team: Sethtekian Comrades
National Capital Carpathia
Other Cities Frigoris

Sethtekia is a small and militarized nation that is entirely dedicated to the protection of its people and Mutually Assured Destruction of its enemies. It is a member of the Knights Templar.


The Nation of Sethtekia used to be an old principality within the Asian continent. Orignally founded by a cult of Seth worshippers of the Egyptian god Setesh. However in recent history the Military took control of the nation converting it from a simple monarchy into a theistic stratocracy. The Military run the entire nation with the religious members and christian Police ensuring that those whom are not of the Christian faith are of the Hebrew faith. This is has caused some tensions in its area of the world as many believe the Caucaisan nation to be a form of an ethnostate. Even though the nation's ancestors actually come from the Denmark / Norway nations. Giving them Nordic blood.


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