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Flag of Serenissima

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Basic Details
Founded 06/02/2019
Color Brown
Status Defunct
Discord Server Join Here
Doge Morgan V (Kattegat)
Reggente Vacant
Ministro Interni BowShot (Toerana)
Ministro Esteri Wilhelm Garland (Flat Cap Guild Enterprise)
Ministro Economia Namukara (Istrun)
Ministro Difesa John Taylor (United States of Primus)
As of June 27, 2019
Total Nations 18
Score 24,518.21
Average Score 1,362.12
Alliance Rank 60
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP The Global Union
MDoAP United States of America
Protectorate Pantheon

Serenissima is an alliance that was founded on the 2nd of June, 2019 by former Members of Nova Riata, who left once the alliance disbanded over Nova's Cheat Day.

Internal Politics

Traditionally, Serenissima is an elective monarchy ruled by a Doge and their chosen executive council.

Doge (Duke)

Serenissima's Doge is the de facto leader of the alliance, they make all decisions regarding internal and foreign affairs. However, the Doge is not an absolute monarch. They may be removed from office by all alliance members following a vote of no confidence or may be removed by the Reggente (Regent) if they refuse to step down upon losing an election. The current Doge of Serenissima is Morgan V of Kattegat.

Upon their election, it is the Doge's duty to appoint a special council of Executive Ministers to serve under them. There are to be four Ministers:

  1. Ministro Esteri (Minister of Foreign Affairs)
  2. Ministro Economia (Minister of Economy)
  3. Ministro Interni (Minister of Internal Affairs)
  4. Ministro Difesa (Minister of Defense)

These Ministers may be unappointed by the Doge at any given moment for any reason whatsoever.

Below is a chronological list of the Doges of Serenissima.

No. Portrait Name Nation Reign Notes
1 Morgan V Kattegat June 2, 2019 - Incumbent added later

Reggente (Regent)

The Reggente, known in English as the Regent, is second-in-command in Serenissima, meaning the Reggente may only take orders from the alliance's Doge.

In times of turmoil when the Doge is inactive or unfit to lead, the alliance may hold a vote of no confidence. If this vote passes, the Doge's duties will fall to the Reggente and the Doge will be removed and replaced as Doge by the Reggente.


Upon the Doge going inactive without anything being said, without appointing an heir, the remaining Officers decided to refound the alliance and moved all active members to the "Legions of Venice." The Internal Affairs Minister, BowShot118, took on the helm of Doge for the new alliance.

Sadly during this process the bank with stolen by the Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilhelm, with only 200 Million of the over 500mil stolen being recovered.

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