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Second North American Raid War
Date 07-15 March 2016
Casus belli Arrgh raids on NAC
Result White Peace
Preceded by
Sid Meier's Pirate War 2
Preemptive Pirate Defense War
Succeeded by
War of the Seas
North American Confederacy Flag.png
North American Confederacy
Arrgh Flag.png

North American Confederacy Flag.png George Clooney

Arrgh Flag.png Jacob Hanson

26 nations
18,414.29 score
73 nations
53,635.55 score

The Second North American Raid War began on March 07, 2016 nearly a month after the first when the North American Confederacy once again recognized war with Arrgh. When declaring they announced their support for Terminus Est in Sid Meier's Pirate War 2 which was occurring at the same time but ended separately several days later on March 10.


In the previous month, the NAC had declared the First North American Raid War due to Arrgh raids on their nations. An Arrgh nation once again raided NAC a month later and the NAC decided to counter the nation without first discussing with Arrgh which led to the counters being countered and so on until escalation and war once again occured.


No official peace was made but not further wars were declared after March 15. The NAC later once again fought Arrgh a few weeks later when they intervened in the Purple Spy War.

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