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Second Great Valkyrie-Arrgh War
Date 22-25 October 2017
Casus belli Arrgh raids on Valkyrie
Result Valkyrie buys Pirate Insurance; Valkyrie's democratic government overthrown and alliance collapses
Preceded by
Sparta-Grumpy War
Succeeded by
Celestial Invasion of Duat
Valkyrie Flag.jpg
Arrgh Flag.png

Valkyrie Flag.jpg Andrew

Arrgh Flag.png Ripper

33 nations
70,320.87 score
55 nations
48,770.52 score

The Second Great Valkyrie-Arrgh War was an conflict between Valkyrie and Arrgh! which began on 22 October 2017 when Valkyrie recognized hostilities with Arrgh over several raids on their nations. Peace was agreed on October 25, after which Valkyrie purchased Pirate Insurance for the remainder of 2017. The conflict and its conclusion led to internal disputes within Valkyrie leading to a coup d'état and eventual collapse of the alliance.


Starting on October 21 and going into October 22, five Arrgh nations launched eight raids on five Valkyrie nations. Valkyrie countered one of the raiders and approached Arrgh for peace and reps following the initial raids but no agreement was found so Valkyrie announced a state of war with Arrgh on October 22.


Following the war announcement, Valkyrie launched 9 wars on Arrgh including 1 on one of the initial raiders. In response Arrgh launched an additional 15 wars against Valkyrie. The war lasted for several days until peace was agreed upon on October 25 and all ongoing wars were peaced out.


In the weeks following the conflict, Valkyrie's democratic government was overthrown by KillzBob who declared himself High King of Valkyrie and named Bluebear, Admiral of Arrgh, as his advisor to reform Valkyrie. The Seven Kingdoms proceeded to cancel their treaty with Valkyrie in response to this and KillzBob, with help from Bluebear, negotiated a protectorate for Valkyrie with the Nuclear Knights. Most of Valkyrie's remaining active members, however, fled the alliance to the Seven Kingdoms. In the end KillzBob sought asylum in the Nuclear Knights, promoting an inactive new nation to its Valkyrie's High King, leaving the alliance a dead shell with only 10 inactive nations.

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