Second Great Arabian War
Eclipse Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Britannian artillery poise to attack Arabia
Date January 16 - February 14, 2004
Casus belli Arabian Spy Leak
Result Britannian Victory
Holy Britannian Empire Flag The Holy Britannian Empire Taliban Flag Islamic State of Arabia

Holy Britannian Empire Flag Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia

Taliban Flag Caliphate Abu Haddad

Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
17,977 Soldiers

583 Tanks 120 Airplanes 0 Ships

30,124 Soldiers

1,617 Tanks 202 Airplanes 18 Ships

The Second Great Arabian War is the third RP and second PnW war that involved the nations of Arabia and The Holy Britannian Empire. Once again tensions rose and one of the parties declared war.

Cause Edit

The Islamic State of Arabia sent in spies into The Holy Britannian Empire and leaked their stockpile. In retaliation The Holy Britannian Empire responded with war. This caught the Arabs by surprise and allowed Britannia to proclaim victory.

Effects Edit

This conflict was the final conflict between both nations. It is unclear if either nations still hold a grudge but for the past few Orbis Years nothing has happened.

Outcome Edit

Following the end of the war the nation of Arabia was exppelled fromthe alliance of Rose. It also marked the end of Arabian Domincance in the land which would later see the region become swallowed up by the Ottoman and Britannian Empires respectiavely.

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