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The sandworm, or 'Shai-hulud' as it is otherwise known to Dioists. It is a mighty creature that roams the deserts, and imbues life and power into the dunes, which Pakistan's people then absorb from the enriched sand.

Usage by PakistanEdit

 If you walk without rhythm, you won't attract the worm. 
(Ancient Pakistani saying)

Since time immemorial, sandworms have been an invaluable asset to the people of Pakistan. Their magical properties allow the golden sand of the Great Pakistani Desert to become edible.


After the pacifications of China and India, it was revealed that much of the new land that Pakistan gained did not have sufficient levels of sand. A small population of Sandworms caught in Quetta were relocated to the borders of these deserts in hope that they will turn the lush, green countryside into precious, precious sand. This operation has been met with slow progress. So far only one region, Gandhinagar, has been terraformed and thus rendered habitable by regular Pakis. This is why most regions of Pakistan remain almost completely uninhabited.


It was only recently that a small population of sandworms were tamed by the Immortal God-Emperor Dio Brando. Since then, several breeding stocks have been kept by the Pakistani Peace Corps, who use the animals in battle as beasts of war and transportation. As international ties have developed, Pakistan is sharing this technology with their allies.


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During his world tour, international celebrity and wig aficionado alexis bonte was treated to lessons in the art of Sandworm riding by the commanders of the Pakistani Mobile Forces. He reportedly said afterward, "I'm bringing a few of these babies back home!"

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