Back in early days of the colonization of Australia 3 nations would parish in Colonies War in 1995. those nations are Espeau, Hacal, and Tesheuro. most or all these 3 nations lands now belong to their conquer The Zoroastrianism Republic of Ant. 40 years later rebel groups and freedom fighters will formed together a resistance movement for independence form Ant. they would come to call them self the Southern Australia New Democratic State Or Sands for short. for years they would blown up bridges and execute surprise attacks against the Antite’s Military. after many lives lost and years gone by the Antites would let them have independence but would not recognize them as a nation. the shipping ports were no longer has valuable has in the past ,so the AntiteS planned they would let the rebels runs things for a few years. then believing the rebels could not manage the Areas scarce resources and after being poor from a weak economy they might come back. If not they would simply move back in and take over again, But their plans never expected what would happen next. After a few years of failing to run their new nation like the Antites predicted and fearing the Antites would move back in and takeover and they would lose their new found freedom. the Sands would turn to the United Cities. Still reeling from the Plantonea War there was quite the debate as to whether or not to annex Sand in to the United Cities. Many wanted to stay uninvolved and decline their request like they did many times before. However, by a slim vote in the senate and slimmer one in house of Electors the bill passed, and The Annexation of Sand was approved in 2045. The United Cities always had wanted the land as not too be surrounded by hostile nations since Taper was an ally, and they had it. Well, Claimed it but so did the Antites, with Antites never recognizing Sands independence. The President of the United Cities Ubaid R Maalouf sent troops to what the United Cities considered the Border on the Volk River. The Antites started to build up forces on the other side of river. After 3 tense months now known as the Maalouf standoff. The Republic of Ant after declining talks repeatedly made a surprise offer. They offer to sale all their territory south of the Mukafe river the Sands Territory along with Volk Territory very mountainous area and filled with people also wanting independence from the Antites. United Cities excepted to deal not wanting to fight another war after the long war with Plantonea. However, the land did not come cheaply the United Cities Vastly overpaid for the land Lending to an economic crisis a few years down the line.

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