This alliance merged with House Stark and the Terran Republic to form the Night's Watch on October 26, 2016.  More information is available here.

STAG Corporations

STAG Corporations Flag
Flag of STAG Corporations

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Basic Details
Founded October 10, 2016
Headquarters South America
Color Black
Status Defunct
CEO Jack3top
Deputy CEO ctigrisht
Defense manager Viteral
Econ Advisor Kowloon Sword
IA Advisor TBD
FA Deputy TBD
Other Official(s) Thilinesia
As of October 21, 2016
Total Nations 9
Alliance Rank 51
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Valyria
MDoAP Terran Republic

STAG Corporations (STAG) was an alliance founded by ctigrisht based on rapid growth and profit. We help all of our members to reach maximum income levels via forced builds based on infra and threat level. It was formed out of the ashes of The Old Guard. On October 23, it merged with the Terran Republic and House Stark to form the Night's Watch.

Overview Edit

STAG is based on ranks, they are the following:

  • CEO: Highest ranking official, has full authority over all the other members.
  • Deputy CEO: Second highest ranking official, has the same authority as the CEO over his lower ranking members.
  • Advisers: They are the leaders of their respective departments and have full authority over their staff.
  • Officers: They act as coordinators between the members and the advisers, basically relaying orders. They have specific authority based on their departments.
  • Privates: Backbone of the alliance, all the staff, army and members.

History Edit

STAG is The Old Guard re-branded following major government frauds.

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