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SK-TEst War
Date January 29 - February 12, 2017
Casus belli SK claims TEst threatened it due to refusing to pay back over $500 million in money and resources raided by a SK member during Papers, Please
Result De facto peace due to TEst's disbandment
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Mensa-Lordaeron War
Seven Kingdoms
Terminus Est

Border Valdoroth

Border Prefontaine

56 members
116,781.62 score
15 members
26,791.70 score

The SK-TEst War was a conflict that began on January 29, 2017 when the Seven Kingdoms declared war on the remnants of Terminus Est as they were disbanded. The last wars between SK and those remaining on TEst ended on February 12, 2017. Most of TEst's membership had begun the process of splitting off into the Western Union, Cobra Kai Dojo, and Knights Templar prior to and during the war.


During the Papers, Please when TEst was at war with a multitude of alliances, a member of the Seven Kingdoms launched numerous raids against TEst nations including one which had stashed away some of TEst's bank. After beiging the TEst nation, the SK nation stole over $500 million in money and resources. This caused some counter raids by TEst members on SK. Following the conclusion of Papers, Please, TEst and SK agreed to cease the raids but SK refused to pay back any of the stolen money. SK alleges that after refusing, TEst's leader made threats against them about how that may cause grudges and a war in the future. Due to this, SK decided to declare war on TEst. After declaring, they received some criticism for attacking while TEst was re-building, de-militarized, and splintering into several new alliances as a result of Papers, Please.

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