SDF & TCW: A Love Story

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The Commonwealth
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Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: December 10, 2016
Treaty Status: Defunct

SDF & TCW: A Love Story is an Mutual Defense Pact signed between the Settlement Defense Front and the Commonwealth on December 10, 2016.

Treaty Edit

I sat up writing a speech that could fit the relationship TCW and SDF share. A speech filled with analogies to highlight certain parts of our relationship and how we came to be who we are today with each other, but to be honest - it’s easier to just be straightforward.

The Commonwealth is filled with great people, people we interact with on a daily basis. They went through some tough times which caused the birth of their alliance. Since that day, they have proved to the world they are here to stay. On top of that, during our tough time - they were still there with us and for us. That is something we will remember and always respect in SDF.

There is no alliance we would rather take our first step into the political world with. During the length of this engagement, SDF and TCW will always talk to each other no matter what is on their minds. Both SDF and TCW agree to not fight with each other and agree to keep all relations civil no matter the venue. Most importantly, SDF and TCW will stand shoulder to shoulder with each other, strong, supportive, and willing to assist and aid through any venture needed - for that is how a relationship sustains its foundation.

Signed for The CommonwealthEdit

  • Justin076
    • Triumvir of Internal Affairs
  • Tristar Majestica
    • Triumvir of Foreign Affairs
  • Kalev60
    • Triumvir of Military Affairs
  • Board of Directors
    • Gills (IA)
    • Queen_M (IA)
    • Martbhell (MA)
    • Sven Shieldmaker (MA)
    • Francisco II (MA)

Signed for the Settlement Defense FrontEdit

  • Admiral - Salen Kotch
  • Captain of Operations - The Witch King
  • Captain of Air Combat Command - Max
  • Captain of Communications - Abigail
  • Lieutenants: Rebecca, Senator Daniel, Unit 2963, JFK, Borat
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