This alliance merged with Raeiska to form Sanctuary on 19 May 2019.

The Foundation is a White alliance. Its location is currently unknown. The Foundation is a branch of the SCP Foundation searching for SCP-1715 instances on Politics and War. The Foundation was founded on August 8th 2018.

SCP Foundation (SCP)

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Basic Details
Founded August 4th 2018
Headquarters Australia
Color White
Status Defunct
The Administrator Abigor
Department of Concealment Director- Balloon

Director- Samuel Bates

The Mobile Taskforce Director- Saboda

Site Director- Kroes & Stony

Accounting Department Director- Vincent Meyer
Human Relations Department Director- Shensheng Xian (Jesus)

Site Director- MJ and Sir Horning

As of 26th January 2018
Total Nations 41
Score 57,428.64
Average Score 1,400.70
Alliance Rank 41
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Rose

Founding Edit

The Foundation was Founded on [Redacted] by 5 players (agents) from several different alliances. Their express goal as a group is to locate and contain SCP-1715.

The Founders Edit
  • Samuel Bates
  • Abigor
  • Commander Wood
  • General Day
  • George Patton

Upon founding they entered a protectorate with Rose & Bad Company.

Announcements & Events Edit

August 4th 2018 - Containment Breach! (DOE)

August 4th 2018 - Protectorate with Rose and Bad Company

August 8th 2018 - Optional Defense Pact with GodFury and Rough Riders

August 22nd 2018 - Rough Riders ends the Optional Defense Pact

August 30th 2018 - Containment level: Maximum (The ODP with GodFury upgrades to an MDaOP)

September 22nd 2018 - New Containment Protocol (The Foundation cancels the MDaOP with GodFury)

September 25th 2018 - Aurora and The Foundation sign an ODP

January 23rd 2018 - The Foundation gets into a skirmish with Wolf Brigade

January 26th 2018 - Aurora and The Foundation agree to let the ODP expire

February 15th 2018 - The Foundation cancelled the Protectorate with Bad Company on good terms.

March 29th 2019 - The Foundation changes it's name to SCP Foundation to end confusion between The Federation and The Foundation.

The Administrator Edit

The Administrator is the highest position possible to achieve in The Foundation. To become the Administrator you must be an O5 Director and then voted into the position by a majority of the other O5 members. Every two months the The Administrator is reconfirmed by the rest of the O5 Council with a simple majority.

  1. Samuel Bates (August 8 2018 - April 20 2019)
  2. Abigor (April 20 2019 - Present)

Core Department Heads Edit

This spreadsheet lists all current and past O5 Directors of the core departments.

FA Econ Milcom IA
Samuel Bates

(6 Months)

Commander Wood

(4 Months)


(3 Months)

General Day

(4 Months)

Balloon Vincent Meyer Fredrick (1 Month) Preston ( 1 Month)
Preston (2 Month) Shensheng Xian (Chinese Jesus)
Kroes (1 Month)

The Department of Custodial Affairs Edit

The Department of Custodial Affairs is a very unique department designed to help The Foundation power through rough times. When the alliance is in a period of instability The Administrator and Director of Custodial Affairs agree to recruit Janitors (Normal members made low gov to pick up the slack). Many of these Janitors become future government members in other departments or are retired government members. The Director of Custodial Affairs similar to The Administrator and can work with any department on any goal except The Department of Concealment (FA). This is the closest position to a Vice Administrator in SCP however the Director of Custodial Affairs must clear everything it does with the Administrator.

Directors Edit
  1. Abigor
Janitors Edit
  1. Shensheng Xian ( Chinese Jesus)
  2. Kroes
  3. Preston

Conflicts Edit

Conflict Combatants Outcome Dates
erstes Mal The Foundation vs. Wolf Brigade White peace January 23rd-25th 2019

Alliance Advertisements Edit

Alliance Flags Edit

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