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The S1 Ulster is the first Tank designed and created in the Republic Federation, used by both Army and Marine Corps. No exports are currently planned for the Three MBT models.

The Tank was given S1 as the original and the S1A1 as the upgraded variant, and the S1A2 as the Final Variant. With over 2,750 tanks produced, the MBT was able to fill in the additional slots along with giving the Military an advanced piece of hardware.

The Tank was first used during the Arrgh Wars, then was used in mass by during the Foltest Wars. The simple repairs and maintenance made it possible for reuse.

- Design Edit

As the K1A1, M60 and the T-72 tanks come in, the Armed Company was producing thousands of copies for both the Army and the Marines to use. They even took the F-23 and redesigned it with F100 engines, reducing cost.

Knowing this, the Sharp Industries plans to design an indigenous tank to show off the company's ability to produce their own equipment and mass produce them with perfect quality and quantity.

After studying the K1A1 smoothbore gun and the way it fights, the head design was copied from the K1 Tank with some additional items added. The body of the M60A3 tank was perfect with some modifications and its treads using hard rubber instead of metal. Creating the perfect tank they wanted, the XS1-01.

The "S" on the tank's designation represents the company's first letter of their name. This also shows that the Sharp Industries did create the tank.

Once the prototype was ready, it was tested against three K1A1s and four T-72Sims. The XS1 used its Forest camo to hide in the Forest, using hit and run tactics to beat her competitors. The tank then went head to head with a K1, disabling it by shooting before the K1 tank. Then putting it up against the T-72 tank, using her Autoloader to her advantage.

The S1 Tank series was soon put into a recommended redesign. The plan was to give it better engine performance, better firepower, better armor, and higher production to retire both S1 and M60A5 tanks. they will also complement the S1A1s, as those models will be produced again. An A2 variant was develop to give it a normal All Terrain Style, advance Infantry and Armored Support capabilities.

A design was planned with a callsign, A3 Final Series. The MBT was sent out the factory with: 1 x 55 .cal Autocannon, 2 x 7.62mm Anti-infantry machine gun, a 145 mm upgraded Berserker Rifle, and 1 x 25 mm Missile launcher. This makes it a multipurpose tank, giving it a anti-infantry and anti-armor weaponary. They then gave it a auto-target system for the machine gun and infrared-red systems to detect stealth vehicles, making it difficult to hide from the new tank. But the Tank was deemed too expensive and repetitive for Federation Forces, resulting in a cancellation of the program.

They also gave the latest A2 models Super Turbo engine, pushing 2,200 horsepower into the vehicle. This makes it goes up to 65 mph, enabling the tank to actually drive on the Interstate Freeway. At the same time, this allows the tank to do hit and runs against other Armored Vehicles.

The Sharp Industries planned to produce 4,000 S1 Main Battle Tanks from 2019 till 2035, producing over 1,950 for the A1 and A2 Variants. As each Division are deployed, M60s were decommissioned or put into training units. By 2033, the all S1 and most of the S1A1 tanks were put into reserves.

- Combat Service Edit

The Tank was put to the test as 500 models was sent into battle against Arrgh Forces, succeeding against all enemy tanks as they attack them. Several Tank battles took place across Arrgh Territory, mostly against advanced tanks that never thought up before. But each battle ended with the S1 MBT walking out unscathed.

They were soon put into combat in the Aloha Wars, going against tanks that scrapped both T-72s and K1A1 tanks easily. One Officer recounted a Battle when his S1 Tank took a hit, "We were under heavy fire, the enemy Tank targeted us after they massacred our footmen, but when he fired, the Tank continued on like it was nothing" he claims.

Once the War was over, the Tanks grew in numbers reaching to 3,000 vehicles. Having them split between the Army and the Marines. During the Foltest Wars, Federation Tanks used their advance repair capabilities to stay in the fight. Making them very dependable tanks during the entire conflict.

20190109 093203-1(1)

S1A2 MBTs traversing through the plains in Havenville, URFS

By 2030, the new S1A2 tanks wasn't in full production when the Federation Army was called to Radient, putting the 50 freshies in the field for a warzone. Once the Marines clears the area, the Tanks landed and the crew prepped their weapons. Once the tanks are prepped, the Army had them sent to break the line.

As the S1A2 group got close to the city, they came across C1 Ariete tanks. Thanks to the distance advantage, the S1A2s was able to overwhelm the Italian built tanks. Continuing on with one disabled by missile fire from an ally. Once near the city, they used their Missile Launchers to launch barrages on the city.

After the battle, the Tanks was put in their 1st Battalion as part of the 4th Armored Corps. They was soon stationed in the Grand Federation, RFS. They served as the Ready-Force of the R.F. Military, along side of the K1A1 tanks of the Marine Corps.

- Specifications Edit

Commissioned Date June 2019 March 2023 May 2030
Weapons - 110mm Hawkeye Rifle

- 1x (Hull-Attached) Machine Gun

- 1x (Top-Mounted) 7.62mm Machine Gun

- 125mm Smoothbore Gun

- (Hull-Attached) Machine Gun

- 30mm (Top-mounted) Missile Launcher Pod

- 1x (Top-Mounted) 7.62mm Machine Gun

- 145mm Berserker Rifle

- (Hull-Attached) Machine Gun

- 20mm (Side-attached) Rocket Launcher

- 1x (Top Mounted) 7.62mm Machine Gun

System and Attachments - Composite Armor

- Depleted Uranium/Steel mixed

- Additional Armor with Hitpoint

- TUSK system

- TUSKA2 Armor

-Trophy System Added

Engine 1,950 hp Gas-Turbine 2,000 hp Turbo Gas-Turbine 2,200 hp Turbo Gas-Turbine
Speed 55 mph on-road/ 39 mph off-road 60 mph on-road/ 40 mph off-road 65 mph on-road/ 40 mph off-road

Variants Edit

-S2A0 MLRS: Edit

The S2A0 is a Multi Launch Rocket System on a S1 Ulster Chassis, this vehicle can carry up to 20 rockets and fire them in a wide area. For defensive purposes, it carries a 30mm Bushcannon and a 55 .cal Light Machine Gun.

The Variant has began service during the West African War, deployed as part of a massive deployment of URF Forces. The Rocket system fired onto Insurgent positions, some units are used against Abrizhouian targets. All units were part of the last push against Boko Harem, acting as a scare tactic for Allied Forces against Insurgent Forces.

- S3A1 Artillery System: Edit


S3A1 Artillery Tanks in Nashway, Ulster during training run.

The S5A1 Artillery System is a Self-Propelled Moblie Howitzer, the vehicle carries a 150mm cannon as the main armament. For defense, it carries a M60 Light Machine Gun. The range for the gun is up to 75km from it's position, along with precision aiming, makes it a dangerous vehicle.

Use of this vehicle began in 2027, but the most common appearance was in the West African War in 2034. Marines often used the vehicle over the MLRS or Mortars equipped to CV90 APCs, mostly to soften overrun positions.

- S4 Armored Recovery Vehicle Edit

The S4 ARV was used for transporting and repairing Armored Fighting Vehicles within the URF Ground Forces, first deployed in 2031 with the 3rd Armored Corp. They was soon deployed to Lagos as part of URF Military Response against Insurgents, supporting both Federation and Nigerian Armored Vehicles.

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