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Rum War
Arrgh Red Flag.png
Date 01/16/16 - 02/10/2016
Casus belli Attacks on Guardian from Political Pirates
Status 1 Month Non-Aggression Pact between Mensa, Arrgh and Fark; Political Pirates status unchanged
Preceded by
Monroe War on Piracy
168 Day War
Succeeded by
War of Cobalt Escalation
Mensa HQ Flag.jpg
Mensa HQ
Guardian Flag.jpg

Seven Kingdoms Flag.jpeg
Seven Kingdoms
Arrgh Red Flag.png
Flag of Zaire.svg Political Pirates

Fark Flag.jpg

Mensa HQ Flag.jpg Pfeiffer
Guardian Flag.jpg Memph
Seven Kingdoms Flag.jpeg Valdoroth

Arrgh Flag.png Jacob Hanson
Flag of Zaire.svg Warpool

109 nations
143,821.77 score
62 nations
56,630.90 score
1 Fark originally entered as part of the 168 Day War but signed peace alongside Arrgh.

The Rum War was a conflict that began on January 16 2016 when the forces of Mensa HQ, Guardian and Seven Kingdoms declared war on Arrgh. The 168 Day War, a global conflict, later broke out concurrently after Mensa HQ launched mass raids on Vanguard who Arrgh had a mercenary protection contract with. Peace was announced between Arrgh & Fark, who originally entered in the 168 Day War, with the involved parties on February 10, 2016. No mention of Political Pirates was in the peace agreement.


Prior to the war, a group of members broke off from Arrgh, forming the Political Pirates and attacked Guardian among other alliances. In response to these attacks and allegations that the Political Pirates were still related to Arrgh and that Arrgh had temporarily stashed some of Political Pirate's bank. Following this a coalition of Mensa, Guardian, and the Seven Kingdoms declared war on Arrgh! on the 16th of January.

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1. Various nations in Seven Kingdoms had declared war at the same time as Mensa, a day before the SK DoW

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