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Royal Rumble
Date 07-12 December 2017
Casus belli Roz Wei protecting SIR; Roz Wei conflict with Stratagem; Roz Wei attacks on Avalanche
Result White Peace
Preceded by
Teutonic War
Succeeded by
Bank Heist War

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Guardian Flag.jpg
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Roz Wei

Fark Flag.jpg kosmokenny

Roz Wei Flag 2.png Rozalia

161 nations
480,385.13 score
24 nations
77,695.65 score

The Royal Rumble was a conflict in which Fark and Guardian declared war on Roz Wei both in defense of Stratagem and due to Roz's protection of Sacrum Imperium Romanum. The Seven Kingdoms and Advanced Idea Mechanics also declared war on Roz Wei in defense of Avalanche. The declarations happened concurrently but not for the same reason.


On December 5, 2017, members of Stratagem declared 3 wars on a member of Sacrum Imperium Romanum claiming they had been former members of the controversial Iron Guard alliance which Fark had declared free reign to destroy all traces of. In response to this Roz Wei, a protector of SIR, declared 19 wars against Stratagem while Stratagem countered with 3 more wars. Roz Wei also proceeded with a mass assault of 38 wars on Avalanche.

In response to both of these actions on December 7, 2017 Fark, Guardian, Seven Kingdoms, and AIM launched an assault on Roz Wei. Fark and Guardian declared war in defense of Stratagem who they protected while Seven Kingdoms and AIM declared war in defense of Avalanche. Both wars were technically unrelated but merged together due to the close proximity of the events.


Following the declarations of war, Fark declared 16 wars on Roz Wei while Guardian declared 13 wars. The Seven Kingdoms declared the most wars numbering 25. AIM declared 4 wars and were countered with 1. Though not announcing any hostilities, Alpha also declared a single war on Roz Wei while Roz Wei countered with 1.


Fark announced peace between them and Roz Wei on December 9, 2017. In the same topic, Guardian also announced peace. Several days later on December 12, Roz Wei announced the end of hostilities with the remainder of alliances.

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