This alliance merged with Solidarity and Mercenary Order of Small Nations to form the Solidarity of Dragons on September 20, 2017.

The Royal Dragons Was a Purple Alliance founded on March 10th, 2017 by Lily Hammer a few weeks into the game. She originated in Western Union and this would become a trend as it would obtain members in passing from Cobra Kai Dogo, Western Union and Knights Templar throughout its existence.

Royal Dragons

Royal Dragons
Flag of Royal Dragons

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Basic Details
Color Purple
Status Merged
Dragon Lord Epimetheus
Ordo Diros
As of 09/09/2017
Total Nations 25
Score 7,381
Average Score 300+
Alliance Rank 60-
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Solidarity MDoAP
AIC Defense MDoAP
Zodiac Protectorate Treaty

History Edit

Despite early attempts by the Knights Templar to merge this micro alliance into themselves, Royal Dragons instead went on to gather several members from this alliance. To the point where protectorate status was agreed to.

They maintained a close relationship throughout the 1st era of RD under Lily Hammer's leadership.

The Government at this time, though in frequent flux

  • High Dragon: Lily Hammer
  • Dragon Lord: Tay and Aidan
  • Dragon Priest: Issabelum, Brunhilde and Rosalie

Epimetheus, Skeletor and Thorin Oakenshield though not members of the alliance often served as advisers.

Foreign Affairs Edit

Royal Dragons originally maintained a fairly loose footprint, largely due to them being a micro. In their early days they signed a Protectorate treaty with Knights Templar for the reasons listed prior and went on to have a Mutual Defense pact with the "Bloc of Death" before it disbanded.

However during the massacre of micros and protectorates, Knights Templar dropped Royal Dragons and left the alliance to die. It was only at this point a different protector was arranged in the form of Zodiac.

Renovation Edit

During this period of rebirth some personal Drama with ex-members of Knights Templar drove Lily Hammer and several of Royal Dragons founding members from the game.

This was unbeknownst to Epimetheus who was at that time coming on as a co-leader. With none of the original membership, with the exception of possibly Azrael and the debatable Diros (neither of which greatly participated), Epimetheus went about restoring the Alliance.

Royal Dragons regained its protectorate with Zodiac (briefly lost with Lily Hammers removal) and gained 25 members in around as many days. At this point in time, there were very few large Micros, Typhon chief among them.

Coup Edit

At the height of their growth, Jacob Smith the current heir in Royal Dragons couped the alliance. Stealing a large portion of the alliance bank and hiding in an alliance protected by one in the top 10. Within 5 hours, he was booted from the alliance and had all protection rescinded, he was rolled and vowed to quit the game before returning with a significant delay.

Survival Edit

Post Coup the alliance instituted drastically different policies surrounding government and went on to gain over a dozen members before undergoing a Merge with Solidarity.

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