Royal Britannian Navy
Naval Ships

Britannian Destroyers
Founded February 25, 2005
Country Britannia
Branch Navy
Role Naval Warfare
Size Unknown
Rachel Spruance

The Royal Britannian Navy is the naval branch of The Britannian Armed Forces. It is led by Rachel Spruance and aside from blockades and some transportation, the Royal Britannian Navy play close to no roll in warfare.

Naval Units Edit

Britannian Destroyer Edit

The Britannian Destroyer is modeled after the Type-45 Destroyer. It contains a deck mounted cannon and vertical missile system which can fire Asroc which is an all-weather, all sea-conditions anti-submarine missile system.

Along side this, a helicopter pad is located at the rear of the ship. With this it also contains four transport ships which can deploy in shallow water and land on beaches.

Leadership Edit

The Royal Britannian Navy is lead by Rachel Spruance. She is the second female to command a branch of the The Britannian Armed Forces. Through the academy and a few naval exercises she has proved to be a gifted tactician. Along side her other officers her main role with the role of the The Royal Britannian Navy is mainly defense of Britannian national waters.

Rachel Spruance

Rachel Spruance

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