The Royal Britannian Army
Brit army

Royal Britannian Soldiers
Founded August 30, 1991
Country The Holy Britannian Empire
Allegiance Britannia
Branch Military
Type Army
Role Defensive and Offensive Ground Forces
Motto "Second to None"
Suzaku Kururugi
Britannian Military symbol

The Royal Britannian Army is the ground force of The Holy Britannian Empire. They are used to maintain order, and keep peace for Britannia. The Army/Ground Force is led by Commander Kururugi.

The Royal Britannian Army Edit

The Royal Britannia Army is the main acting force of Britannia. Soldiers are trained in two categories, urban combat for which they are best known for and field combat. This large army is led by Royal Britannian Knight Suzaku Kururugi. The amount of soldiers in Britannia is unknown. The Britannian army is charged with keeping peace in Britannia as a defensive, and offensive force.

Military Training Edit

Once a military candidate is accepted they begin their training. Most Britannian Soldiers are trained in Urban Combat simulators every-day. This is followed by with physical exams, as well as mental. If an applicant has prior experience in other fields like health, they are trained in combat versions of it. A few times a week soldiers are trained in marksmanship, and drill. Knightmare pilots are trained specifically in the knightmare frame. Engaging in various simulations, once they have passed exams on the actual Knightmare, to ensure the user knows how to use the frame.

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