This alliance merged with Bad Company to form Frontier Records on February 21, 2019.  More information is available here.

The Rough Riders

Rough Riders Flag
Flag of The Rough Riders

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Basic Details
Founded May 24th, 2018
Headquarters North America
Color Green
Status Defunct
Mayor Tom Riddle
Sheriff Teddy
Deputies Imperial Bandit, Tank
As of Nov 10, 2018
Total Nations 23
Score 26,284
Average Score 1,095
Alliance Rank #62
Active Blocs
MDP Paradise
Active Treaties
MDoAP Bad Company
MDP The Island
MDP Animation Domination
ODoAP Ragnarok

Rough Riders was a green alliance founded on the 24th of May 2018. Rough Riders was a Rebranding of Slytherin, a splinter alliance born from disagreements within the Nuclear Knights Government. The Rebranding Took Place on the 13th of July 2018.

History Edit

To Look into the Early History of the Rough Riders go to the Slytherin Wiki Page.

Rough Riders rebranded from Slytherin after a rash of Inactivity amongst Slytherin Members; this coupled with their original Leader Professor Snape leaving the alliance. The decision was made amongst the Remaining members, which after a purge of the inactives,was 8 total. A Western Theme had not been seen or done on Orbis and wanting something to call their own they chose to become the Rough Riders. The name being chosen because of all of the Rough Times that had to be endured as Slytherin.

Shortly after Rebranding their Former Protectorate Ordo Paradoxia Rebranded after a leadership change into La Mafia. With this leadership change came a style of governance that wasn't up to par with the previous Leader Cynic. Due to this reason the then Unofficial Paradise Bloc (The Island and Rough Riders) decided to drop them from all of their Treaties. After doing this Rough Riders became a founding Member of The Official Paradise Bloc.

The following months after July 2018 Rough Riders saw Steady Growth with a large concentration of growth being between the months of September and November of 2018. On October 24th 2018 their was an event that took place in Rough Riders Known as "The Golden Kerfuffle", where the Leader of Rough Riders Raided a inactive member of The Golden Horde. This led to a series of of Counters that dropped the alliance 2000 points in score and put the entirety of the alliance in jeopardy; after some talks with Paradise Bloc and other allies a peace was arranged 2 days after the start of the "Kerfuffle".

Following the events of "The Golden Kerfuffle", a decision was made to heavily militarize Rough Riders. This in turn led to a need to test out their new found fire power and culminated in a series of wars starting on October 29th, 2018 known as "The Hat Trick Wars".

Announcements Edit

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