Rothschild Family

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Flag of Rothschild Family

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Basic Details
Founded 28 March 2020
Headquarters Europe
Color Green
Status Active
Mayer Blackbird
Salomon Factorian Kallio & whizzy
As of 28 May, 2020
Total Nations 6
Score 28,951.30
Average Score 4,825.22
Alliance Rank #62
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Prot The Commonwealth
Prot Church of Atom
ODoAP Spanish Armada

Rothschild Family (RF) was founded on March 28th 2020.

Rothschild Family is a green alliance formerly based out of Europe.

Rothschild Family is a peaceful entity that conducts the best ethics policies in dealing with any threats that might impact the community and the game.

It is a place for active and peaceful but yet fearless nations that achieve great fortunes by negotiating impressive trade deals and investments.



Rothschild Family was founded by Blackbird on March 28th, 2020. The alliance was founded out to aim towards profound business practices, best ethics policies while maintaining the independent entrepreneurs in themselves that Rothschilds are to prosper the world of Orbis.

Although Rothschild Family is and will be kept as a small close-knit community, the House of Rothschild is rich and it has required much more than one generation to attain such wealth.

Barons of the House of Rothschild:

  • Mayer - Blackbird
  • Salomon - Factorian Kallio & whizzy

Foreign Relations & Treaties



  • MDoAP - The Roxchean Confederations


not applicable

Culture and Symbols

  • The membership of Rothschild Family is a private membership and admission to this alliance is by invite-only.

Over more than two centuries, the Rothschild family has frequently been the subject of conspiracy theories. These theories take differing forms, such as claiming that the family controls the world's wealth and financial institutions or encouraged or discouraged wars between governments.

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