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Rostovian Flag Flag of Rostovia

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Founded 2015
Color White
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Founded in 2015, the nation of Rostovia was only a small idea in the eyes of the few rebels seeking freedom from the totalitarian regime known as The United States of America. The few rebels rose up and fought a brief but brutal war known as the Amerostovian Revolution. The war was fought so that the people chained up by American fascist ideals would be able to be free and express their thoughts and ideas. Rostovia is now ruled by our glorious President JonCaz, who was the general to lead us to victory in the Amerostovian Revolution. Rostovia has only one national monument, called Mt. America. It was formed due to the detonation of numerous nuclear missiles in the region during missile tests conducted by the United States in the late 1950's. Soon after our glorious nation declared independence from The United States of America, a group of separatists called The Camerstanian Camarics rose up and revolted against the fascist American government. The group moved to the southern tip of what was once Louisiana, and set up their own government which is now known as Camerstan.

Goals Edit

The Republic of Rostovia is a very politically free nation devoted to the protection of individual liberties and rights. We plan to create a nation that is based on the principles of freedom. We strive to become economically independent and politically influential, so that our nation will be able to defend itself and protect our ideals. לאנג לעבן ראָסטאָוויאַ!

Flag Edit

Rostovian Flag

The flag you see on the right is the Rostovian flag, adopted in August of 2015.

Disbandment Edit

As of early 2016, the nation of Rostovia is no longer in existence. The maintenance became too high, and the time too consuming.

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