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Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: October 27, 2016
Treaty Status: Active

Rose Has Decided is a non-chaining Mutual Defense Pact signed between Rose and Mensa HQ on October 27, 2016.

Article the First - You Expected a Treaty, but it was me - Dio! Edit

Having reviewed the Book of Dio, in particular Chapter 7, Rose has converted and allowed the light of Dio Brando to fill our hearts. Mensa HQ has relented and agrees that a group of friends masquerading as an alliance might make surprisingly good allies. Mensa HQ and Rose agree that in the event of war, they will defend each other before countdown websites are made. Due to the speed of sand imports into Rose territory, this treaty will be non-chaining.

Article the Second - Green Rose Edit

Mensa HQ and Rose promise that when one of them has information relevant to the other, especially the rare and exotic kind, that they will share any such intelligence.

Article the Third - ZA WARUDO Edit

If worldly concerns interfere causing Rose and Mensa HQ to choose to part ways, each side agrees to give the other seventy two hours notice of cancellation. Both alliances agree to not engage in any hostile actions or wars against each other for two additional weeks after the treaty expires.

Signatures Edit

Signed for Rose Edit

Shogun - Durmij
Empress - Lilac Veritas
Regent - Oblige
- Lilac Veritas
- Ibnar
- Saxplayer
- Rozz

Signed for Mensa HQ Edit

Chairman - Vanek26
Vice Chairman & Minister of Interior Affairs - Avruch
Minister of War - Blande
Minister of Hippo - Buorhan
Minister of Security - LordRahl2
Minister of the Economy - Kemal Ergenekon

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