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Basic Details
Founded 4 November 2014
Color Pink
Status Active
Discord Server Join Here
Emperor Valkorion Baratheon
High Justice Vexz
Horizon Guard of Foreign Affairs Harry Flashman
Horizon Guard of Internal Affairs Solomon Ben-David
Horizon Guard of Military Affairs Lucianus
Horizon Guard of Economic Affairs Callisto
Horizon Guard of Technological Affairs Exalts
As of September 16, 2021
Total Nations 203
Score 883,387.70
Average Score 4,351.66
Alliance Rank 1
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics
MDoAP Church of Atom
Protectorate Swords of Sanghelios
Protectorate Respublica Romana
Protectorate VooDoo
Protectorate Yarr
Protectorate Excalibur

Rose is an alliance founded by members from The Atlas Confederacy following its disbandment in the War of Purple Aggression. Founding Rose members included ex-government from the Empire of Spades alliance. The name and alliance Rose also has ties with an alliance from Pixel Nations called Empire of the Rose which disbanded in 2013.


The following history is largely courtesy of Vack.

The Dawn of the Empire, Pubstomper

The founder and first leader of Rose was Pubstomper. Formerly a leading member of The Atlas Confederation and Cornshuckers, he disbanded TAC and reformed the alliance under the name Rose in November 2014. Pub espoused an ideology that emphasised building a strong community within the alliance and helping to maintain a healthy and vibrant community in the wider game. This balanced, community-focused dynamism has been a recurring feature of Rose's politics ever since, partly by design and partly by accident.

Under Pub, Rose cooperated with Guardian and Seven Kingdoms in the creation of ‘The Marionette Coalition’ - a group whose objective was to displace The Covenant as the dominant power in Orbis. To this end, The Marionette Coalition declared war against The Covenant bloc on December 11, 2014 (beginning the Marionette War). Rose’s Declaration of War labeled The Covenant as an “unjust power”, and declarations from Guardian and Seven Kingdoms expressed views that The Covenant held hegemonic ambitions.

Terminus Est and New Shrek Order would also side with Marionette, which proved to be the vastly more powerful side. However, the war concluded in a white peace after 11 days of fighting. The peace talks for this were famously disastrous. SK wanted to lay severe conditions on The Covenant, such as forcing them to decommission their Missile Launch Pads. Rose disagreed with this, believing that the war damage they had sustained was already punishing enough. Rose leaders felt that Guardian and SK were trying to play up Rose's role as Marionette's ringleader, which they might have hoped would serve to make Rose the focus of any animosity felt by The Covenant. Ultimately, the parties settled for a white peace just in time for Christmas.

Shortly after the Marionette War, Pubstomper stepped down as Emperor of Rose. Having led alliances for most of the year, he was ready to take a break and swing over to a new alliance with Adama called Rothschild. The creation of Rothschild would prove to be a major test for Rose, as it caused one of the sharpest drop-offs in membership in the alliance's history. At the end of the Marionette War on December 22, 2014, Rose had 76 members. But by January 26, 2015, Rose had only 50 members.

The Tragedy of Angelus the Wise

Following Pubstomper's resignation the former Lord of Internal Affairs, Angelus, was elected unopposed in what he himself suggested was a fake election. Angelus was a veteran of Cyber Nations, a prominent figure in New Polar Order (Polaris in PW) and was regarded as competent and experienced. Pubstomper had more or less picked him to be his successor despite the alliance charter requiring that the Emperor had to be elected. By many accounts, Angelus was a pragmatic and principled leader; but unfortunately, his leadership would be cut short by a major scandal. Cyradis, a former government member of Empire of Spades and the Lady of Resources in Rose at the time, leaked government logs showing that Rose was going to oppose their former wartime partner Guardian. Furthermore, the logs showed Rose government members referring to Viridian Entente (VE) and The Syndicate (t$) as “meatshields” for the coming war.

Whilst Angelus had intended to remain in leadership, the diplomatic pressure targeted at Rose combined with animosity from a handful of members within the alliance led Lord of Internal Affairs, Kurdanak, to ask him to resign. Following a discussion, Angelus agreed to step down.

The Benevolent Usurper, Kurdanak

Kurdanak had joined Rose towards the end of 2014, after serving as a Triumvir in the Green Protection Agency (GPA). He served as Lord of Internal Affairs in Rose. After Angelus stepped down, Kurdanak assumed leadership, appointed Angelus as his Regent, and immediately began implementing plans to resolve the Cyradis scandal. 

As Cyradis had committed a serious crime against Rose, she fled to Celestial Union, led by Grealind, whilst Rose sought justice for the leak. Kurdanak requested that Cyradis offer a public apology, fight one round of war with full defensive slots, and return to Rose - an arrangement that was initially agreed upon by both parties. However, Grealind disliked this, claiming the terms were lopsided. After some debate, Kurdanak eventually resolved to declare war on Cyradis and CU’s government; however, they would not attack their membership. He openly shared his decision-making process in a forum post.

The next challenge that had to be addressed was the decline in Rose’s membership due to the Rothschild exodus. To fix this issue, Kurdanak tasked Belisarius, another former GPA Triumvir-turned Rose government, with revamping the recruiting process. Through a combination of Rothschild members slowly returning to Rose and Belisarius’ recruiting, Rose ended up with more than 80 members by May 2015.

Kurdanak’s leadership was centered on internal reforms, and he took a mostly neutral stance in the major politics of Orbis at the time. But the tectonic plates upon which great powers sit never cease to move, and whilst Rose was occupied with internal matters, there was a storm brewing on the world stage. Guardian and SK, who Rose had grown distant from since their partnership in the Marionette Coalition, but were still the closest thing to allies that Rose had, were a long-established sphere in the midst of a gentle decline. The Covenant (tC) were another major sphere, weakened from their wartime losses. But after the Marionette War, a new power had burst onto the scene - Viridian Entente. VE started up in December and reached the #1 spot on the alliance rankings within two months. They were large, but untested in battle. Guardian-SK sought to change this.

The Reign of Keegoz

Kurdanak had picked Rose up, repaired the damage from past events, and left the alliance in a much stronger position than when he started. But Kurdanak has always asserted that he is better suited to internal governance than foreign affairs. He wanted to choose a successor who could handle the massive potential of Rose, and one of the best FA brains in the alliance at the time was Keegoz. Kurdanak resigned in March 2015, and Keegoz was elected unopposed to Emperor. Keegoz quickly got to work orchestrating what many believed would be Rose’s rise to supremacy.

The Great VE War

At the time that Keegoz became Emperor, Guardian and SK’s plan to take down VE was in the works. Guardian, Seven Kingdoms, Terminus Est, Mensa HQ and Rose made up the aggressive coalition. Viridian Entente had the support of Cornerstone and Black Knights, as well as two members of The Covenant - United Purple Nations and Brotherhood of the Clouds. Before the war could begin, a massive leak from SK happened. The leak revealed that SK was planning to have Rose attacked and rolled after using them to take down VE. As a result, Rose switched to VE's side. Furthermore, TEst switched sides as well, which left Guard-SK in a terrible position.

Though it was clear at this point that because of the leak, Guard-SK had blundered into a losing war, they decided to attack anyways and hoped their blitz would be effective enough to give them an insurmountable lead early on. And thus, the Great VE War began on 19th May 2015. VE’s side achieved a sweeping victory by 10th June.

Formation of Paragon

After the Great VE War, Guardian-SK effectively lost their place as a great power, whilst Viridian Entente and The Covenant remained great powers. With only two credible great powers remaining, the world became bipolar. The top-level alliances, such as Rose and t$, now had to choose a side.

The animosity between Rose and VE (caused by the Cyradis leak) seemed to disappear after the Great VE War and the two alliances started to get closer to each other.

Despite this, VE was contemplating whether it may actually be a better idea to cooperate with the other major power, tC, rather than compete with them. Discussions between VE and UPN (of tC) initially indicated that the two would be signing a treaty, which would have created a massive hegemonic sphere. 

However, both t$ and Rose were against this, as it would have left them in unfavorable situations. The two alliances worked together to change VE's mind, reminding them of the careful balance of power and how they would potentially be able to rival tC by working together. After much heated debate, VE signed a bloc with Rose and The Syndicate; thus Paragon was born. 

At the time of its formation, Paragon was the strongest sphere in the game, as it had three of the top five alliances as well as their allies. DEIC (of tC) were a top 5 alliance at this point as they had avoided fighting in the war and just kept growing, but their allies UPN and BoC had fought and sustained losses and were lower in the rankings.

Strong though it may have been, there were lots of problems, differences, and divisions that would spell disaster for the bloc down the road. These issues all began with a disagreement over who Paragon was going to fight first. All three members agreed that their main rival was tC, but Rose and VE were content to take their time with the inevitable war with tC. Rose was at odds with Mensa HQ due to intense OOC conflict and in-game raiding of their protectorates, and wanted to roll them; VE wanted to finish off the old hegemony by attacking TEst, despite the fact that TEst had assisted them in the past conflict; and t$ wanted to just get on with it and fight tC. Because of these differences, The Syndicate left Paragon.

Resignation of Keegoz

In Keegoz's place, Pubstomper stepped up to handle the alliance’s foreign affairs, serving as Rose’s primary diplomat and main line of communication to VE and t$. Keegoz stepped down on 27th July 2015, and elections were held to find a new Emperor.

Return of Pubstomper

After Keegoz stepped down, elections were held in which the first leader of Rose, Pubstomper, won and became Emperor once again.

The Syndicate Leaves Paragon

The Syndicate began orchestrating a plan to start war against The Covenant. They planned to cooperate with TEst and Arrgh, two paperless alliances, by faking tensions with them. They were to militarize while publicly attacking each other (verbally), to make it seem that tensions were rising between the two groups. Once the reached maximum militarization, Paragon, TEst, and Arrgh would attack The Covenant, who would presumably not be on max military, taking them completely by surprise. 

Whilst the plan was still being developed by t$, TEst and Arrgh, neither VE or Rose had yet been consulted. VE still wanted to attack TEst, because it saw them as a remnant of the old hegemony. Presumably, the plan would have been brought to VE and Rose when it had been fleshed out in greater detail, but before t$ was able to let its allies know, the plan was leaked.

Cynic, one of the founders of The Syndicate, got hold of logs of t$ government discussing this plan and publicly leaked them. VE demanded the removal of t$'s FA lead, Partisan. The Syndicate refused, and on August 8th, decided to leave Paragon and pursue a new objective - the creation of their own sphere.

A few days after t$ left Paragon, Pubstomper contacted DEIC and signed an MDoAP on August 10th. The next day, t$ signed an MDP with Mensa HQ, Rose’s main rival. On August 12th, Rose brought its protectorate, Vanguard, into Paragon to replace t$.

Proxy War

Mensa HQ, now part of the budding Syndisphere along with t$ and Guardian, declared war on Vanguard on 21st August 2015. The DEIC treaty made it so Syndisphere could not directly attack Rose, as it would result in a much stronger coalition being brought down on them. Mensa also had a treaty with UPN. By attacking Vanguard, the intent was to goad a response from Rose. If Rose hit Mensa first, then UPN would be brought in on Syndisphere’s side, which would be unfavorable for Rose. Rose decided to circumvent the issue by attacking Mensa’s allies rather than Mensa themselves.

On 23rd August, Rose declared war on t$, and blitzed them. Unfortunately, the blitz timing had been leaked to t$, who informed their members to be active for the turn-change, and who met the paltry Rose hit with massive counters of their own. VE attacked Guardian, but other high-tier alliances came in to support against VE.

The war swung decisively in Syndisphere’s favor, but on 1st September, due to the game being hacked, the game admin, Alex, rolled back the game to the most recent available backup, which was 27th August. This erased much of t$’s gains, and as neither side wished to prolong the fight, resulted in Paragon surrendering with much lighter terms than they otherwise would’ve had. Rose paid nothing in reparations, but admitted defeat. VE paid $100m to Guardian.

Post-Proxy War

As tC had managed to completely avoid becoming involved in Proxy, they profited massively from selling resources at inflated wartime prices. It could be argued that tC was the real winner of Proxy War, as Paragon and Syndisphere expended resources in a costly war which allowed tC’s relative power to soar.

Eventually, Pubstomper secured a treaty with Alpha. However, Alpha and DEIC were bitter enemies, and neither was entirely comfortable cooperating with Rose if it meant being connected to the other, but tentatively accepted the arrangement. Pubstomper identified that in order to put up some opposition to Syndisphere, he needed to prevent Alpha and DEIC from fighting one another.  

A few months later, The Covenant was defeated and forced to pay massive reparations in Oktoberfest. This time, Rose was not involved in the fighting and made a lot of profit by selling resources. Rose emerged as the top alliance in the game after this.

168 Day War

Throughout January 2016, Mensa would begin to raid Vanguard. By now Vanguard had dropped its official ties to Rose and Paragon, but it remained as a paperless ally of Rose. In response to the raids, Vanguard declared war on Mensa. Rose was also accused of funding raids on the Syndisphere after it surfaced that the Rum War raids had been financed in part by The Light Federation, a recently acquired Rose satellite. This led to the militarization and standoff between Paragon and Syndisphere, but was ultimately resolved diplomatically by TLF paying reparations.

However, neither side wanted to decommission their military as doing so could have potentially opened up to a devastating attack.

A leak revealed that Rose was intending to attack Mensa over the Vanguard raids, and on 3rd February 2016, Rose declared war on Mensa HQ. The name “168 Day War” comes from a propaganda meme Mensa used to mock Rose for not directly attacking them in Proxy War when they declared war on Vanguard, who had been under protection from Rose at the time. Between Mensa declaring war and Rose attacking Mensa, 168 days had passed.

Immediately after the war began, Rose was attacked by the entirety of Syndisphere except for Obsidian Order, who would join later. Viridian Entente joined in not long after the war began, and towards the end, UPN would also join on Rose’s side. Rose had done an incredible job of withstanding the Syndisphere counters and the wealth Rose had built up whilst Syndisphere and tC had been fighting in Oktoberfest gave Rose a large cushion of infrastructure to keep income high throughout the war. However, had UPN not joined, Rose would have lost. The Syndisphere understood that it wasn’t realistic for them to keep fighting if tC was going to be coming at them as well, so a white peace was agreed upon.

Resignation of Pubstomper

At the end of 168, Pubstomper resigned as leader of Rose and elections were held again. Keegoz was elected for his second term on 23rd February 2016.

The End of an Empire, Return of Keegoz

On his way out of office, Pubstomper was working on a treaty with UPN, which Keegoz finished. This would formalize the tie between Paragon and The Covenant (Para-Cov) and indicated that the two blocs would begin to operate as a sphere.

Besides this, the rebuild that Rose experienced after 168 was tremendously successful. Lilac, a former EoS member, led the planning of the rebuild and was largely responsible for getting Rose back into shape after the war. Several key members also began to join in this period. Durmij, Sketchy, Vack, and Rozz - all future government members - would become active in the alliance during this time and contributed to the alliance’s internal improvements.

NPO's First Time

Several months later, New Pacific Order migrated from Cyber Nations to Politics & War. One of NPO’s first political moves was to ally with UPN. This firmly put NPO under the Para-Cov umbrella.

The NPO name came with a lot of controversy from CN, and t$ drew attention to how NPO was trying to recruit its massive CN member-base to P&W. Syndisphere ultimately declared war on NPO and UPN, starting NPO's First Time ♥.

The only notable event for Rose in this was the betrayal of Storm Division. One of Rose’s protectorates, Storm Division, who also held a treaty with BoC (who had since left tC and joined Syndisphere), declared war on North American Confederacy who were part of Para-Cov. Rose saw this as betrayal, canceled Strom Division, and declared war on them.

The war swung in Syndisphere's direction early on and led to a decisive Syndisphere victory. Rose managed to walk away with only white peace and were by far the best performers on the Para-Cov side.

Post-NPO's First Time

Towards August, a small group of the top fighters in Rose formed a splinter group called Oblivion, who allied with Rose. Keegoz was ready to resign, but before he did, he wanted to take care of the long-awaited task of separating from The Covenant, who had been in decline for a long time and had not been performing to Rose's expectations. And so, on August 8th 2016, exactly one year after t$ left Paragon, Rose cancelled all of their MD-level treaties except for VE.

Silent War

The last thing Keegoz intended to do before retiring was to secure at least one new ally to help compensate for cutting tC. This materialised in the form of an MDP with Seven Kingdoms, who had cancelled their Syndisphere ties before signing with Rose. Keegoz was allegedly involved in talks with The Knights Radiant over a potential treaty, but the discussions fell through as war tensions grew to a boiling point. Many in Syndisphere took offense to SK’s departure, which was perceived as a betrayal. SK’s negative forum demeanour towards their former allies displeased Syndisphere.

A few weeks before all of this, several members of Rose got into a massive argument on the Rose embassy on t$'s forums and a diplomatic crisis took place. Keegoz and Partisan were hurling walls-of-text at each other, and some gov and even regular membership were involved. Keegoz appointed a new Lord of FA, Luna, for the sole purpose of quelling the flames of the debate. This likely contributed to further the tensions between Rose and t$.

As the conflict loomed ever closer, Rose began to militarize, as did Syndisphere, VE, SK, UPN, NPO and others. However, as tensions dragged on, eventually, Syndisphere began to decommission.

Seeing Syndisphere decommission, Paragon started the war and tC-NPO joined as well. However, the blitz was a disaster. Rose attacked TKR and Guardian, but had sub-par attendance. Only two members of VE showed up for their blitz. They hadn’t given their members enough notice, and without the activity or motivation there was no way things were going the way of Paragon and friends. The war was decided within the first round as Syndisphere's superior activity and coordination proved decisive.

The name 'Silent War' originates from the conspicuous lack of communication between the two spheres in the days leading up to the blitz. Keegoz threw up a placeholder declaration of war saying he would "update later", but it wasn't until after the war that he actually got round to this. So nobody was quite sure why the fight was taking place at all, and this was as true for befuddled bystanders as it was for actual members and even gov members of the alliances involved in the blitz. Keegoz admitted that his decision making during this time was maybe not the best, and it is quite clear on reflection that he was really feeling the burnout.

Resignation of Keegoz

A couple of weeks into the war, Keegoz resigned as Emperor of Rose, and left his regent, Belisarius, to sort things out.

Belisarius, the "Temperor"

After resigning, Keegoz appointed Belisarius as temporary emperor or "temperor" of Rose. Belisarius sought to do only two things: end the war and elect a new leader.

The Silent War Peace Talks

Belisarius went into peace talks along with his newly appointed Regent, Durmij. Despite Rose having only attacked TKR and Guardian, t$ also had a representative in these talks. After much debate, Rose was required to pay Guardian a staggering $1bn in reps, partly through steel. They also agreed to allow Syndisphere to fight Rose's whale nations, Oblige and Belisarius, for an additional two rounds. Many in Rose felt that the latter term was unnecessarily harsh, but Belisarius himself didn't complain, and without much fuss our whales let their pixels get torched for the sake of the alliance.

Aftermath and Elections

Nevertheless, peace returned. Over the course of the war, a huge portion of Rose’s active membership began planning to leave. Furthermore, the Sketchy Massacre took place, in which the then-econ deputy Sketchy kicked roughly half the alliance on account of poor activity. Pubstomper and Lilac Veritas were considering heading out to set up a new alliance, and other members wanted to try other alliances as well. Faced with such a massive potential exodus, Belisarius began trying to sell the idea of reforming Rose after the war. He made one last comment in the government channel after resigning, where he encouraged the remaining government to outline a mission for Rose and sell it to the membership.

These elections were closely contested. The two main candidates were Lilac and Durmij. Durmij had been a rising star in Rose government as Keegoz's IA head, and Lilac had long been one of the top econ heads in all of Orbis and was highly respected and well liked within Rose and also by some in t$. Both players were on friendly terms and ran on not terribly dissimilar campaigns that emphasised transparency in government, and advocated attempting to cooperate with Syndisphere, though they differed on who they thought would be viable allies. Lilac's attention was on t$ directly, whilst Durmij, seeking to put to rest all the bad blood and ancient grudges between the two groups, wanted to sign Mensa. Mensa and Rose had beef going back years, with all kinds of OOC attacks and IC slights contributing to the animosity. But after getting to know some of Mensa's membership through chatting and playing games with them, Durmij felt there was potential for a real friendship between the two old enemies.

The vote was conduction in two rounds, with the first round of voting being used to narrow the field down to two candidates, and the second for selecting the ultimate victor. But when the results of the second round were announced, it was tied between Durmij and Lilac. Though it wasn't revealed publicly for years, it is now known that former members who were still on the forums but were not official alliance members had voted in this election.

With a potentially fraudulent election on his hands, Belisarius decided that rather than making the whole alliance vote again, he would simply ask the two leading candidates to discuss potentially working together as a duumvirate. A short discussion was had, and on 24th October 2016 Durmij was declared the 7th Emperor of Rose, and Lilac was named Regent.

Rose 2.0: The Durmij Restoration

Durmij and Lilac initially settled on a compromise in which Durmij would assume leadership and Lilac would be 2IC but have leader rank in-game. However, both candidates had listed Oblige, Keegoz's econ head, in their election platforms as Regent. He ticked all the right boxes as a veteran member, active whale involved in gov, and owner of the alliance forums and Slack. This resulted in there being three leadership figures as opposed to the usual two.

Following the result of the October 2016 elections, a set of reforms called Rose 2.0 was announced. The alliance was re-branded, adopting a theme based on feudal Japan. The changes included new flags, the burning of the old charter, and changes to the names of each rank. Durmij became 'Shogun', Lilac 'Empress', and Oblige 'Regent', and high gov became 'Daimyo'.

Putting to rest the era of Pubstomper and Keegoz as the 'Empire of Rose', the Durmij Restoration ushered in the 'First Shogunate of Rose'. This was a major change, as a whole new generation of gov took control of the alliance and set about distancing themselves from Keegoz and the Paragon bloc (VE technically dropped Rose iirc, though it was mutually agreed). Most notably, Durmij and Lilac signed a landmark treaty - an MDP with Mensa HQ. This was hugely significant, as it brought to an end of one of the most bitter rivalries in Orbis. New leadership in both alliances managed to put past grievances behind them and begin working together.

After this signing, Fark, with whom Rose had held an ODoAP since November 2015, canceled immediately. Kosmokenny, the leader of Fark, despised Mensa with a passion and saw the signing as a slight. Furthermore, Rose agreed to protect Lordaeron, a new alliance started by Kastor.

Treasure Island, an alliance created by Syndisphere in order to abuse the alliance treasure bonus, was formed during the Durmij/Lilac leadership. Rose was left out of TI initially, but was invited in only a couple of days before they opened their doors to anyone in the game, which proved that despite the Mensa tie Rose was still treated with suspicion by Syndi, and had yet to earn a real seat at the Syndisphere table. Around this time there were some changes in gov, as one of the three leadership figures, Oblige, left due to disagreements over milcom, and Sketchy began to take on more responsibilities in FA and general alliance management as it became clear he was an excellent candidate for leadership in the near future.

Rose and Mensa would clash with GoT Sphere on several occasions, with incidents ranging from raids by Valyria gov members, to poaching our allies. It speaks volumes about how much distance the new government had put between themselves and the previous regime given this was a rivalry with an SK-led sphere and Rose's CB for Silent War was a preemptive defence of SK. These tensions ended up culminating in Dio's War on Christmas, which led to Valyria disbanding and GoT Sphere crumbling. Rose would also join in on Papers, Please.

One of the most enduring legacies of Durmij's leadership has to do with elections. Prior to Durmij, the established practice in Rose was that leaders would typically appoint their successors, even though the old charter required elections to be held for new leaders. But Durmij and the new establishment in Rose were far more enthusiastic about democracy than their predecessors had been, and they designed and implemented a system based on the Alternative Vote to select leaders in future. In the new system, every 6 months the members of Rose vote on who they want to be leader, according to a process that includes an impartial officiator, verifiable votes, manifestos and lots of debate. This has produced some unconventional leaders, but it certainly keeps things interesting - and not to mention, keeps things fair. Four years and five leaders later (at time of writing in Nov 2020), the tradition of democracy in Rose remains, and is as strong as ever.

Easy Mode Coalition, Sketchy

Upon the conclusion of Durmij's term as leader, elections were held in February 2017 in which Sketchy became leader and Durmij became 2IC. Sketchy had made major contributions to the alliance since early 2016, working in low gov econ and serving as head of econ for Durmij/Lilac. Around this time, a new sphere called The Inquisition (IQ) was formed by NPO, who, after the deaths of Paracov, GoT Sphere and paperless, were pretty much the last bastion of opposition to the sprawling mass of Syndisphere. They brought BK, Zodiac, and Cornerstone from Syndisphere, creating a new major power to oppose them. The defining feature of global politics in Orbis became the sphere rivalry between the low-tier focused IQ and the mid-high tier Syndisphere (or Easy Mode Coalition as they were now known).

Under Sketchy, Rose's identity as an EMC member finally began to take its shape. He pushed Rose's interests within the sphere, and sought to maintain an independent FA approach. However the great power politics at play inevitably brought EMC and IQ into conflict, and Rose would fight in Trail of Tiers in mid-2017, ultimately becoming a core member of the massive Easy Mode Coalition.

Yet another new generation of government figures would gain prominence around this time, with Dynamic joining low gov IA, DtC Justice becoming Milcom head, and Rebecca becoming FA head. The merge with "The Viridian Entente" was also a significant moment for Rose. Following the split within VE many in the "The" group joined Rose, including Blkandwhtlion, who later became econ head. In April a bug caused every nation in the game to join Rose.

The Breakup of Easy Mode Coalition, Redarmy

Toward the end of 2017, as Sketchy and Durmij stepped down, Redarmy became the leader of Rose after a close election between him and Callisto. Callisto ended up becoming his Regent. During this time, Rose had to deal with the aftermath of Trail of Tiers and the sprawling Easy Mode Coalition that had defeated The Inquisition. In order to set the alliance and the wider world on a path of dynamic politics and smaller spheres, Redarmy voluntarily broke apart EMC by ending Rose's treaties with Guardian and Pantheon. These political moves later set the stage for Rose to enter Ayyslamic Crusade, facilitating the greatest number of new alliances to fight a global war, under the leadership of Dynamic. In addition to these political moves, Redarmy continued Rose's city development, which was important for military cohesion.

The First Politeia of Rose, Dynamic

The February 2018 elections would be yet another turning point in Rose's history, as Dynamic assumed the role of leader. Most of the current government decided to move on to other alliances, including The Golden Horde and Advanced Idea Mechanics. Four of the six cabinet members were new to high government, which was a greater handover of old to new than The Durmij Restoration. A new flag was introduced, and a new theme based on the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, and Carthage was adopted. The First Politeia of Rose began on 25 February 2018 and ended on 17 September 2018.

During The First Politeia of Rose, many internal reforms took place. Rose moved away from their primary form of communication, Slack, to Discord, a platform used by the majority of alliances. The recruitment policy and procedure were adapted to fit this change. Rose's economic policy shifted to invest in nations with a smaller city count, but still maintain benefits for higher tier members by offering savings incentives and a low cash tax rate. In the last month of this term, Rose signed a treaty with its former ally, The Syndicate.

The September 2018 elections began the start of the Second Politeia of Rose. Dynamic was re-elected for a second term. During the Second Politeia of Rose, which began on 17 September 2018, Belisarius joined leadership. While most of the policies of the previous term were kept into place, Rose declared war on The Commonwealth. This conflict, known as Knightfall, began on 19 October 2018 and ended on 2 February 2019. Rose had the highest net damage out of every alliance that participated in the conflict.

The End of the Sovereign, Zevfer

On March 23, 2019, Zevfer became the leader of Rose. Early in Zevfer's term Rose split from t$ after they signed NPO. Following leaks that showed Black Knights and its affiliates conspiring to hit smaller spheres, Rose, along with Chaos Bloc and KETOG bloc, declared war on BK and their allies in what became known as NPO's Last Time, the longest war to date.

The Eternal Emperor, Valkorion Baratheon

NPO's Last Time

On September 8, 2019, while NPO's Last Time was still ongoing, Valkorion Baratheon became the leader of Rose after serving as head of military affairs since April. Subsequently, Rose announced a new theme change, the Eternal Empire, a powerful faction in the videogame, Star Wars: The Old Republic. The theme change was meant to signal many internal reforms to come.

The First Eternal Empire of Rose saw constant warfare until NPO's Last Time finally came to end in February 2020. Rose began protecting Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics, Nova Empire, Gentlemens Gaming and Fisticuffs Union, and Oblivion, as well as Camelot and Yakuza, two of the few remaining alliances from the opposing coalition.

The Liberation of Byzantium

Shortly after NPO's Last Time had ended and after Rose had started rebuilding, Knights Templar declared war on Rose's protectorate, Gentlemens Gaming and Fisticuffs Union. KT had been fighting against several smaller alliances after another during the post-war period, choosing GGFU as its next target. Believing Rose would not defend its protectorate, KT challenged Rose on the forums to do so.

Thus, Rose and Oblivion countered and quickly neutralized Knights Templar. Rose had completely eliminated the military of Knights Templar within 24 hours and had tactical superiority in the war. After keeping KT pinned for a few days, KT agreed to officially end the war with white peace on March 12, 2020. GGFU then merged into Camelot.

Post-NPO's Last Time

On March 18, Rose and Camelot upgraded to an MDoAP. Shortly after signing Camelot, Rose canceled its ODP ally, The Fighting Pacifists.

After the Liberation of Byzantium had ended, elections were held. Valkorion Baratheon was re-elected for a second term on March 22, 2020, with the most votes out of any leader in Rose history. Rose began to see the fruits of the foundation laid out during the First Eternal Empire during NPO's Last Time, which focused on raising Rose's wartime morale through community events such as the Rose Fireside Chats hosted by Valkorion Baratheon.

During the first week of April 2020, Rose's long-time MDoAP ally, Ming Empire, merged into Rose. In addition, Rose adopted a new charter, written by Dynamic (serving as head of internal affairs), and voted in by the general membership. Rose began seeing a massive increase in entertaining community activities such as gaming, movies, trivia, voice chats, competitions, etc., as well as new recruiting tactics that saw a sharp increase in new members and retention rate of both new and old members. Furthermore, Rose saw a complete overhaul of its economic policies that resulted in rapid city growth. In addition, Rose's military affairs department grew and was trained considerably. All government departments began to see the addition of new and promising members.

Throughout the NAP period following NPO's Last Time, Rose began to flourish and became a top 2 economic power, as well as reaching alliance rank 1, by score, on multiple occasions. At some point, Nova Empire merged into Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics. On August 20, the NAP ended. On August 25, Rose upgraded its treaty with Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics to an MDoAP.

On August 21, The Ten-Day War began between the forces of Hedge Money and The Swamp versus The Commonwealth and its sphere. Rose was not involved in this global war, the shortest in Orbis history. Instead, Rose continued to grow its economic power, city counts, and diplomatic relations.

On September 3, a small alliance of larger nations called micro pockyclypse attacked Schrute Farms, an ODoAP ally of Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics. Through request of Schrute Farms and Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics, Rose countered micro pockyclypse. micro pockyclypse then recognized hostilities and declared a "110-Day War," not wanting to achieve peace until Christmas. However, after Rose had zeroed the military of micro pockyclypse within 24 hours, the conflict ended with white peace on September 14.

During the "110 Day War," on September 6, Rose began protecting The Archangels. On September 20, Valkorion Baratheon was re-elected for his third term with the most votes out of any leader in Rose history, breaking his previous record set in March. This also made him the longest serving Rose leader, with the greatest number of terms.

Duck Hunt

On October 31, 2020, the forces of Quack-sphere began attacking The Swamp and Hedge Money. The forces of Roselot (Rose, Camelot, Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics, Atlas Technologies, and Oblivion) intercepted the blitz with their own blitz, and thus Duck Hunt began with Rose as one of its combatants. Roselot's blitz proved to be a critical factor in securing the war for its coalition. Later, Schrute Farms and World Task Force, allies of Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics, joined the war as well. There was some controversy over which coalition was considered a "hegemony" during this conflict, with much of the politics centering around this label. Eventually, the war ended with victory for Rose and its coalition partners on December 15. This war reached over one trillion in monetary damages in a relatively short period of time and was also significant due to The Syndicate suffering its first defeat.

On December 3, Rose's protectorate, The Archangels, merged with Kinmoza to create Golden Dawn, also protected by Rose.

Post-Duck Hunt

On December 20, Rose began protecting The Jedi Order. On December 22, Rose began protecting Arsenal. On December 24, the protectorate between Rose and Oblivion was cancelled.

While Golden Dawn was protected by Rose, one of Kinmoza's former leaders tried and successfully regained power in Golden Dawn. As this person was quite controversial, the relationship between Rose and Golden Dawn was severed and the protectorate cancelled on December 30. The former members of the The Archangels left Golden Dawn to join Rose.

On January 15, Rose began protecting Respublica Romana.

On February 5, 2021, Rose surpassed 620,000 combined nation score, surpassing the previous record set by The Knights Radiant for largest ever alliance by score count.

On March 18, Valkorion Baratheon was re-elected for his fourth term as Rose leader. Once again, he broke the record for most votes of any Rose leader in history.

On March 27, Rose's MDoAP ally, Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics, was attacked by Knights Templar, following a leak revealing ASM's plan to counter Knights Templar for attacking ASM's ODoAP ally, World Task Force (Knights Templar had violated the global NAP). On March 28, Rose entered the war along with Respublica Romana in order to defend ASM. The military of Knights Templar was zeroed in less than 48 hours.

On March 30, Rose's protectorates, The Jedi Order and Arsenal, merged to create Swords of Sanghelios. Rose began protecting this alliance as well.

On April 1, the war with Knights Templar came to an end with White Peace.

On April 14 the NAP concluding Duck Hunt came to an end. On April 19, Rose signed an MDoAP with Atlas Technologies, allied to both Camelot and Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics.

On April 20, Rose crossed 700,000 alliance score without wartime militarization for the first time. On April 22, Camelot canceled its treaty with Rose in order to join Oasis, who had offloaded some alliances in order to make room for Camelot. The Rose-Camelot treaty expired on April 24.

Guns & Roses

On May 24, TKR-sphere and Hedge Money merged to create Hollywood, and simultaneously blitzed Rose-sphere. Two hours after, Oasis entered the war on the side of Rose. In addition, Camelot, Aurora, and Weebunism entered the war on the side of Rose as well. The rest of Camelot's allies in Mystery Incorporated did not join due to their own NAP with TKR-sphere. Throughout much of the war, Hollywood maintained upper tier superiority while Bollywood (Rose-side) gained low and mid tier superiority. After a hard fought three weeks of war with excellent spy warfare from the Rose-side, the war ended with a simple White Peace on June 13. For a short while during the war, Rose was knocked to rank 2 before quickly regaining rank 1 and over 700,000 score during its rebuild post-war.

Post-Guns & Roses

On June 16, Rose signed an MDoAP with Church of Atom. On July 3, Rose began protecting Azalea. On July 10, Rose began protecting VooDoo, an alliance created by many prominent members of The Fighting Pacifists and Grumpy Old Bastards. On July 13, Rose's MDoAP ally, Atlas Technologies, merged into Rose.

On July 17, Rose passed 800,000 score, largely due to the Atlas Technologies merger. On July 26, Azalea merged into a new alliance called The Street, ending the protectorate.

Global War 19

On August 17, Rose blitzed Hollywood alongside Blackwater. Rosesphere and Blackwater immediately and decisively gained control of the war, firmly beating Hollywood and bringing the plane counts of Grumpy Old Bastards to 37.7%, Guardian to 39.7%, and The Knights Radiant to 49.8% after just one day. On August 18, The Federation exited the war, followed by The Lost Empire and United Ummah on August 20, and Black Skies on August 22.




Conflict Commander Duration Outcome
Marionette War



11 December 2014 - 22 December 2014 Victory
Great VE War




19 May 2015 - 10 June 2015 Victory
Proxy War Caillou (Pubstomper) 21 August 2015 - 1 September 2015 Loss
168 Day War Caillou (Pubstomper) 17 January 2016 - 14 February 2016 White Peace
NPO's First Time ♥ Keegoz 13 June 2016 - 27 June 2016 Loss
Silent War



10 September 2016 - 13 October 2016 Loss
Dio's War on Christmas


Lilac Veritas

19 December 2016 - 26 December 2016 Victory
Papers, Please


Lilac Veritas

26 December 2016 - 20 January 2017 Victory
Trail of Tiers Sketchy 13 April 2017 - 1 June 2017 Victory
Celestial Invasion of Duat



2 November 2017 - 6 November 2017 Victory
Ayyslamic Crusade Dynamic 18 March 2018 - 18 April 2018 White Peace
Knightfall Dynamic 19 October 2018 - 2 February 2019 Victory
NPO's Last Time Valkorion Baratheon 17 June 2019 - 20 February 2020 White Peace
The Liberation of Byzantium Valkorion Baratheon 1 March 2020 - 12 March 2020 White Peace, Tactical Victory
The 110-Day War Valkorion Baratheon 3 September 2020 - 14 September 2020 White Peace, Tactical Victory
Duck Hunt

Valkorion Baratheon Lucianus

31 October 2020 - 15 December 2020 Victory
Defense of ASM against KT

Valkorion Baratheon Lucianus

28 March 2021 - 1 April 2021 White Peace
Guns & Roses

Valkorion Baratheon Lucianus

24 May 2021 - 13 June 2021 Military Defeat
Global War 19 Valkorion Baratheon


17 August 2021 - Victory

Government Regimes

First Empire of Rose 17 November 2014 - 29 December 2014
Emperor Pubstomper
Regent Phrogg
Lord of Economics Dietrich
Lord of Resources Ranoik
Lord of War Adama
Lord of Foreign Affairs Abbas Mehdi
Lord of Internal Affairs Angelus
Second Empire of Rose 29 December 2014 - 12 January 2015
Emperor Angelus
Regent Phrogg
Lord of Economics Keegoz
Lady of Resources Cyradis
Lord of War Filthy Fifths
Lord of Foreign Affairs Jroc
Lord of Internal Affairs Kurdanak
Third Empire of Rose 12 January 2015 - 9 March 2015
Emperor Kurdanak
Regent Angelus
Lord of Economics Keegoz
Lord of War Ranoik
Lord of Foreign Affairs Abbas Mehdi
Lord of Internal Affairs Callisto
Fourth Empire of Rose 17 March 2015 - 2 August 2015 (138 Days)
Emperor Keegoz
Regent Kurdanak
Lord of Economics Keegoz
Lord of War Ranoik
Lord of Foreign Affairs Carter0912
Lord of Internal Affairs Belisarius
Fifth Empire of Rose 2 August 2015 - 27 February 2016
Emperor Pubstomper, of Seahorse Toenail
Regent Belisarius
Lord of Economics Oblige
Lord of War Krillian
Lord of Foreign Affairs Redarmy
Lord of Internal Affairs Adama
Sixth Empire of Rose 27 February 2016 - 8 October 2016 (224 Days)
Emperor Keegoz
Regent Belisarius
Lord of Economics Oblige
Lord of War Krillian
Lord of Foreign Affairs Redarmy
Lord of Internal Affairs Kurdanak
First Shogunate of Rose 8 October 2016 - 13 February 2017
Shogun Durmij
Empress Lilac Veritas
Daimyo of Finance Sketchy
Daimyo of Military Affairs Rozz
Daimyo of Foreign Affairs Ibnar
Daimyo of Internal Affairs Vack
Second Shogunate of Rose 13 February 2017 - 10 July 2017
Shogun Sketchy
Shikken Durmij
Daimyo of Finance Lilac Veritas
Daimyo of Military Affairs Rozz
Daimyo of Foreign Affairs Yang Xiao Long
Daimyo of Internal Affairs Vack
Third Shogunate of Rose 10 July 2017 - 16 October 2017
Shogun Durmij
Shikken Redarmy
Daimyo of Finance Lilac Veritas
Daimyo of Military Affairs DtC Justice
Daimyo of Foreign Affairs Sketchy
Daimyo of Internal Affairs Dynamic
Fourth Shogunate of Rose 16 October 2017 - 19 February 2018
Shogun Redarmy
Shikken Callisto
Daimyo of Finance Blkandwhtlion
Daimyo of Military Affairs DtC Justice
Daimyo of Foreign Affairs Rebecca
Daimyo of Internal Affairs Dynamic
First Politeia of Rose 25 February 2018 - 17 September 2018 (204 Days)
Sovereign Dynamic
Regent J.A. Goldington
Ephor of State SamohT
Ephor of Defense DtC Justice
Ephor of Interior Tifa Lockhart
Ephor of Commerce Mayor
Second Politeia of Rose 17 September 2018 - 23 March 2019 (187 Days)
Sovereign Dynamic
Regent Belisarius
Ephor of State Mhearl
Ephor of Homeland Fares
Ephor of Defense J.A. Goldington
Third Politeia of Rose 23 March 2019 - 8 September 2019
Sovereign Zevfer
Regent Vack
Ephor of State Mhearl
Ephor of Homeland Aquileius
Ephor of Defense Valkorion Baratheon
First Eternal Empire of Rose 8 September 2019 - 21 March 2020
Emperor Valkorion Baratheon
High Justice Vexz
Horizon Guard of Foreign Affairs Mhearl
Horizon Guard of Internal Affairs Dynamic
Horizon Guard of Military Affairs Valkorion Baratheon
Horizon Guard of Economic Affairs


Second Eternal Empire of Rose 22 March 2020 - 19 September 2020
Emperor Valkorion Baratheon
High Justice Vexz
Horizon Guard of Foreign Affairs Jarles
Horizon Guard of Technological Affairs Dynamic
Horizon Guard of Military Affairs Lucianus
Horizon Guard of Economic Affairs Callisto
Third Eternal Empire of Rose 20 September 2020 - 18 March 2021
Emperor Valkorion Baratheon
High Justice Vexz
Horizon Guard of Foreign Affairs Jarles
Horizon Guard of Military Affairs Lucianus
Horizon Guard of Economic Affairs Callisto
Horizon Guard of Internal Affairs Solomon Ben-David
Horizon Guard of Technological Affairs Exalts
Fourth Eternal Empire of Rose 18 March 2021 - Present
Emperor Valkorion Baratheon
High Justice Vexz
Horizon Guard of Foreign Affairs Harry Flashman
Horizon Guard of Military Affairs Lucianus
Horizon Guard of Economic Affairs Callisto
Horizon Guard of Internal Affairs Solomon Ben-David
Horizon Guard of Technological Affairs Exalts

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During the Empires of Rose, it was common practice for the government to issue Ribbons to alumni of various merger alliances and for war participation. Rose Ribbon Album Link