Part of the NPO's Last Time, Great Leak War
Date 02/05/2020
Casus belli Banning of NPO leadership for their participation in Guinea Pig Whaling Corp
Status Ended
Preceded by
Great Leak War
Black Knights Flag
Black Knights White flag icon

Guardians of the Galaxy Flag
Guardians of the Galaxy White flag icon

New Pacific Order Flag
New Pacific Order
GOONS Flag 2
GOONS Whitepeace-dove
KETOG Sphere
Knights Templar Flag
Knights Templar

Grumpy Old Bastards Flag
Grumpy Old Bastards
Guardian Flag
The Golden Horde Flag
The Golden Horde
Rose Flag

Chaos Flag

The Knights Radiant Flag
The Knights Radiant
Seven Kingdoms Flag
Seven Kingdoms

Soup Kitchen Flag
Soup Kitchen

Arrgh Flag
North Point Flag
North Point
San Marino Flag
The Fighting Pacifists
The Syndicate Flag
The Syndicate
Sanreizan Flag
Typhon Flag
Aurora Flag
Terminus Est Flag
Terminus Est
House Stark Second Flag
House Stark
Church of Atom Flag
Church of Atom
Carthago Flag
Order of the White Rose New Flag
Order of the White Rose

The Roqpocalypse is a series of events that occurred as part of The Great Leak War that began on February 5th, 2020. When the New Pacific Order, Black Knights and Guardians of the Galaxy, Acadia and other major alliances in Coalition B. disbanded and began roguing Coalition A as a result of multiple high gov/leadership bans inside of NPO.


  1. Alex announces multiple NPO leadership bans resulting from cheating.
  2. A leak announces BK's intent to delete and additionally shows them encouraging members to delete.
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy announce their decision to disband and delete.
  4. Camelot & Brotherhood of the Clouds announces white peace.
  5. Polaris announces white peace.
  6. Acadia announces that they're disbanding and deleting.
  7. Dark Brotherhood announces white peace.


  • A portion of the Black Knights and Guardians of the Galaxy membership delete.
  • Those same alliances disband.

Extension - 02/12/2020

With the new resource exploit found by Alex, and those exploiting it banned. Eric the Red II was accused of benefiting off of these resources and was subsequently banned. However, Alex had accidentally doxxed the player's personal details (Which was later deleted after it was reported by the player's ISP).

Many of NPO's membership, about 60-70%, left in response to this incident.

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