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The Rokkenjima News Network, RNN for short, is a television news network run by the Witch Council. It is by far the largest television network in Rokkenjima. The most popular show to air on RNN is Rokkenjima News Report hosted by Clair Vaux Bernardus. The news show aired internationally on Orbis, and had received positive ratings in almost every country it aired in. Currently, RNN broadcasts only on the planet of Meta. An archive of each episode can be found below.


RNN Broadcasts

RNN: Announcements from the Witch Council

Aired: June 2, 2016

Rokkenjima Eva-Beatrice Flag

Kon'nichiwa everyone. The Witch Council has some announcements for all of you today. These are some pretty important updates, so pay attention.

We'll start off on a bright note. Just today, Rokkenjima's ninth city (third on Orbis) has finished being built. The city's name is Vampiria. As the name indicates, it is a city of vampires. Finally, Rokkenjima has built a city solely for the purpose of providing vampires with their own place to call home. As they are considered magical creatures, the laws they must follow differ from that of Rokkenjima's human population. Only those considered magical creatures by the Witch Council have permission to enter the city. That includes witches, vampires of course, angels, demons, fairies, etc. We would also like to mention that a new Devil's Castle has been built for our military commander, Satan Jacob. This will serve as the new headquarters for Rokkenjima's military on Orbis. The city is pictured below.


Secondly, we would likes to announce that as off today, Rokkenjima has formally ended relations with the Holy Britannian Empire. Those who work in the Britannian embassy will have 48 hours to leave Rokkenjima. If this deadline is not met, Dusk Nocturne will gladly throw everyone out herself and keep all of Britannia's remaining information located in the embassy. Britannian citizens are also banned from entering the country. They will have seven days to leave. Rokkenjima will also be temporarily be closing its embassy in the Greater Meta Republic, as well as the GMR's embassy in Alcamoth. Some may ask why we've decided to take these measures. All we can say is, Britannia and the GMR have broken a law taken pretty seriously here in Rokkenjima. Although it did not occur here, we will not just let it slide without taking some sort of action. The GMR's government is also a bit unstable at the moment, which has also contributed to our decision.

Lastly... As many of you know, King Yukiteru Amano of Sweden has been going on a tour of Europe to reestablish ties with their allies. Rokkenjima was honored to be their first stop. During the meeting between King Yukiteru and the Witch Council, Sweden agreed to let Rokkenjima move a few hundred Aurora Bombs to its French colony of Monaco. This is simply to show Britannia that Rokkenjima means business, and will not tolerate their recent actions.

That is all for now. Until next time.

- Eva-Beatrice

RNN: An Update from Rokkenjima

Aired: June 17, 2016

Rokkenjima Eva-Beatrice Flag

Good morning, everyone. This is Kihara Tomoko, temporary leader of Rokkenjima. I have a few announcements I would like to share with you all today.

To start off, I would like to inform the people of Orbis that our invasion of Ente Isla was a success. The remaining five of the Six High Priests were captured by Satan's forces. After standing trial, each of them have been sentenced to death for their crimes against Ente Isla's human population. With help from the Archangel Sariel, our ambassador Crestia Bel, the St. Aire and Azure Empires, as well as other Archangels present in Ente Isla, the Ente Islan Church has been completely reformed. This will hopefully put an end to their corruption and limit the power they once held over Ente Isla's population.

Second, I would like to explain the situation with the Central Continent now that it's under our control. Ente Isla's Central Continent will be granted autonomy. We believe that it is important for the demons to govern it as they please. However, it will remain a territory of Rokkenjima. This means that it falls under Rokkenjima's protection. It also means that the Witch Council holds final say over everything that happens on the continent, and may exercise this power whenever deemed necessary.

Lastly, I will announce who shall be placed in charge of the Central Continent. This wasn't an easy decision. At first, we considered placing King Satan in charge and having it function as an absolute monarchy. However, we've decided that this wouldn't be the best option, as Satan is a skilled military commander and Rokkenjima would struggle to find somebody to fill his position. Since that was the case, we've decided to do the following. Commander Satan, General Alciel, General Lucifer, and Crestia Bel would return from Ente Isla and resume their positions. We've decided to revive the deceased General Adramelech and General Malacoda from Satan's original Demon Army to rule the Central Continent alongside Barbariccia (current head of the Malebranche Legion) in a triumvirate. This way, the Central Continent has a stable government who remains loyal to King Satan.

That is all I wish to share with you today. Thank you all for taking time to read this.

- Kihara Tomoko, Witch of Madness

Kihara Tomoko Render

RNN: Travel Ban on Hinamizawa Issued

Aired: June 24, 2016

Hinamizawa Banner
Attention, people of Orbis. This is a warning from the Witch Council. You must only pay attention to this message if your nation is allied with Rokkenjima.

The Witch Council has issued a travel ban for all foreign citizens on the city and village of Hinamizawa. The Council had been notified on June 28th, 2005 Orbis Time by The Kingdom of The Evenstar that approximately 85 of its citizens who had visited Hinamizawa returned home with what appeared to be a strange mental illness, with an additional 20 who had gone missing. It was then that the Council agreed to issue a travel ban on Hinamizawa for safety reasons.

After a little investigating, it was discovered that the illness most likely affecting these people is Hinamizawa Syndrome. As it only seems to affect foreigners, the disease was believed to had died off many years ago, but that is apparently not the case. Past cases of Hinamizawa Syndrome have involved the infected person digging at their own throat until death. The disease can be very deadly, so we ask that any foreign citizen currently in Hinamizawa, and any nation leader who knows of someone with the following symptoms, please report it so you may seek medical treatment. Symptoms include hallucinations, trouble sleeping, feelings of being watched, exhibited signs of paranoia and delusion, and attempts to dig and scratch at the throat. It should also be noted that Hinamizawa Syndrome is not contagious.

The Witch Council deeply apologizes for this. We had no idea the disease was still around. All future visitors to Hinamizawa will be required to receive a vaccination to ensure this does not occur again.

Rokkenjima News Report

Episode 1

Aired: March 22, 2016
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to the official opening of the Rokkenjima News Network! I’m your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. Or just Clair for short. This will be a weekly (maybe) news show where I sit down and tell you all there is to know about what goes on in Rokkenjima. That is, of course, if the Council will allow me. Hehe!

To begin, we would like to inform the public that the rebuilding of Rokkenjima has been going nicely after the attack by Arrgh on Tephra Military Base. The attack took place soon after the re-arrival of Rokkenjima on Orbis. Åland Island is the only location in Rokkenjima not under the divine protection of the Witch Senate. In fact, the only area under any sort of protection on Orbis is the city of Alcamoth, which is the main reason as to why the attack was able to occur. The Witch Council assured the citizens of Rokkenjima that they were taking steps to prevent this from happening again, but such a thing would take some time. When questioned about this event, many foreigners in Alcamoth thought the attack by Arrgh was a much needed wake-up call to Rokkenjima. “They’re going to live on our planet, they’re going to live by our rules. They can’t be relying on something silly like magic all the time.”

Our next story comes after the Witch Council called in two individuals to Rokkenjima out of the blue. One of which is one of the 72 Great Demons and 33rd highest ranking earl of the underworld, Gaap. The other, a first-class archbishop and Chief Inquisitor of the SSVD under the Great Court of Heaven, Willard H. Wright. It is currently unknown what their reason is for being called to Orbis, but we will be sure to update you on the situation as more information becomes available.

Our last topic for today is actually an announcement! This weekend, a Vocaloid concert will be taking place in the Imperial Palace of Alcamoth! Some of the Vocaloids present will be Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, and Sonika. Tickets will be available to Rokkenjima's citizens, those currently present in Alcamoth, and the citizens/government members of allied countries as well. Be sure to get yours before they’re gone!

That is all for this week’s Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! Until next week, ja ne!

Episode 2

Aired: March 27, 2016
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to episode 2 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! I’m your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. Or just Clair for short. If you don’t know what this is, it is a weekly news show where I sit down and tell you all there is to know about what goes on in Rokkenjima! Without further ado, let’s begin!

Our first topic for today is regarding Rokkenjima’s rebuilding progress after the attack from Arrgh. All damage has been completely repaired, and everyday life restored to the citizens of Alcamoth. Rokkenjima has also established its seventh major city on Meta. The city, officially known as Gaap-shi, was named in honor of one of the 72 Great Demons and 33rd highest ranking earl of the underworld, Gaap. With this, the amount of people departing from Rokkenjima’s homeworld of Digiterra to Meta has continued to increase. The nation’s flag waves high as a fireworks display is held to celebrate the opening of the city.

Next up, we would like to share an announcement made by the Witch Senate just a couple days ago. It is rather lengthy, so we will provide a summary for you all. [In regards to the new National Affairs RP rules and thread] Rokkenjima, as everyone is aware, is based heavily on the usage of magic. It is what keeps the nation’s day-to-day activities running smoothly. However, it has also given the nation a serious edge, if you will, in terms of its military. In an attempt to level the playing field, the Witch Senate has ruled that Rokkenjima may only use magic on Orbis for the aforementioned day-to-day activities of the nation. This specifically refers to the magical resource Ether, which is used to make the city of Alcamoth, and several smaller islands float above Eryth Sea. This resource, brought to Orbis from the planet Meta, is necessary in that it is the only thing keeping Alcamoth from plummeting into the waters below. Under the new National Affairs RP rules, interplanetary travel would become quite difficult, and it would be near impossible to continue bringing in Ether to Orbis. After several negotiations, however, Rokkenjima was granted special permission to do this. However, as magic is forbidden from being used for Rokkenjima’s military forces, the nation is currently searching for an alternate resource to be used to power its military vehicles. Several options are currently being explored.

Lastly, we would like to thank everybody who made it to this weekend’s Vocaloid concert in Alcamoth! Because of all of you, the concert was a huge success. The Witch Council is looking to hold more big events like this in Alcamoth in the future.

That is all for this week’s Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! Until next week, ja ne!

Episode 3

Aired: April 3, 2016
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to episode 3 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! I’m your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. Or just Clair for short. If you don’t know what this is, it is a weekly news show where I sit down and tell you all there is to know about what goes on in Rokkenjima! Without further delay, let’s begin!

Rokkenjima has discovered a new resource to power its military with known as Ragnite. This resource has many different uses. It can be used as fuel, to power cities, make weapons, or even as medicine. The discovery of Ragnite will allow Rokkenjima to get its military on Orbis back up and running, without having to build entirely new vehicles and weapons. The Witch Council has stated that Rokkenjima will be keeping this resource to itself, as it doesn’t seem to be located anywhere else. However, the possibility of selling it to our close allies in the near future does exist.

Rokkenjima has also announced today that it will be establishing its first foreign embassy on Orbis. The embassy will be located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Land has been set aside, and construction will begin shortly. The embassy will look something like this.

Rokkenjima Embassy

Lastly, a new town has been established on Åland Island. The town, known as Kazegaura, is the first of many new towns to be built as a part of Rokkenjima’s expansion into the island from Alcamoth. Here are some pictures of the newly established town.


A view of the town from outside Town Hall

Kazegaura Mall

Kazegaura Mall. The mall is home to about 1,000 shops and is one of the largest on Orbis.

That is all for this week’s Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! Until next week, ja ne!

Episode 4

Aired: April 10, 2016
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to episode 4 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! I’m your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. Or just Clair for short. If you don’t know what this is, it is a weekly news show where I sit down and tell you all there is to know about what goes on in Rokkenjima! We have quite a bit to cover this week. So without further ado, let’s get going!

We have received word that Rokkenjima will be establishing an embassy in the capital of its close neighbor and ally, Sweden. This comes just a week after the nation established its first foreign embassy on Orbis in Helsinki, Finland. With the final approval from King Zafrizackery, a plot of land has been reserved for construction in Stockholm. The embassy will be identical to the one in Finland. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it I suppose!

In the coming weeks, Rokkenjima will begin tests of the newly discovered resource Ragnite. As mentioned before, Ragnite has many uses. Not only can it be used for fuel and weapons, but for medical purposes as well. Specifically, Rokkenjima will be testing its ability to cure previously incurable diseases. If such tests are successful, the Witch Council will take steps to open up trade of Ragnite to its close allies. This would include Sweden, Finland, and Britannia.

Lastly, we would like to announce that there have been several expansions to the town of Kazegaura. Residential districts specifically for immigrants have been constructed. This will hopefully make moving to Rokkenjima seem more appealing, and ease the process of settling in. A special area for bicycles has also been constructed, as 98% of citizens in Kazegaura use bicycles as their primary form of transportation.

Kazegaura Bike Path

That is all for this week’s Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! Until next week, ja ne!

Episode 5

Aired: April 17, 2016
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to episode 5 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! I’m your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. This is a weekly news show where I sit down and tell you all there is to know about what goes on in Rokkenjima! We have quite a lot to cover this week. So without further delay, ikouze!

A new town has been built on Åland Island! The town, known as Cera, is a step up from Kazegaura in terms of technological advancement. The design of the town is something we wouldn’t normally see for another 50-100 years. Cera prides itself on being the go-to place in Rokkenjima for young people. The town is full of video game stores, anime and manga stores, shopping malls, and even arcades. Of course, the town caters to nature lovers as well with its beautiful parks and surrounding lakes. The town is open today for both Rokkenjima citizens, and foreigners who wish to visit. Maybe I should consider moving to Cera. Hehe!

Cera Arcade
Cera Park

Next up, we would like to announce that Rokkenjima’s embassy in Gothenburg, Sweden has been established. This now brings Rokkenjima’s foreign embassies on Orbis to two. This to the delight of Rokkenjima’s citizens in Sweden, who up until now had to travel back to Åland Island if they had an issue. The building itself is identical to Rokkenjima’s embassy in Helsinki, Finland. The design has shown to work extremely well, and as such has been used again.

Rokkenjima Embassy

Tests of the newly discovered resource Ragnite for medical purposes have been successful. It has been concluded that Ragnite is able to cure previously incurable diseases without any negative short-term or long-term side effects. The Witch Council has also announced that Rokkenjima will be opening up trade of Ragnite (in medical form only) to its close allies of Sweden, Finland, Britannia, and the Eastern Asian Republic. If any other nation wishes to gain access to Ragnite, we ask that they get in touch with us at their earliest convenience.

Several powerful gangs in Vårdö, Föglö, Sottunga, Kökar, Kumlinge, and Brändö in the eastern Åland Islands were found dead today. These gangs were more or less the leaders of these eastern municipalities, as the influence of Rokkenjima remains primarily on the main island in the chain. Considering the timing in which each of the gangs were killed, and the manner in which they were killed, many believe the assassination group Night Raid is responsible. The group, funded by Rokkenjima’s government, hasn’t been seen on Orbis for many months; not since Britannia’s invasion of Turkey, in fact. Many believe the motive Rokkenjima may have for the assassinations is to expand its influence into the rest of its territory. So far, the Witch Council has yet to comment.

Night Raid Flag

Lastly, we would like to announce that the Witch Council has gained a new member! This person’s name is Dusk Nocturne, and she is the second Creator to join Rokkenjima’s government. *shiver* She’s kind of intimidating. I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side. Heh. Maybe one day, I’ll become a Creator as well! Right? Anyone? No? Alright then.

Dusk Nocturne

Before we leave, we here at RNN would like to ask our viewers a question. It has been something we’ve been considering for many weeks now, but are still undecided on. That is, whether we should switch the Rokkenjima News Report over to a video format. Currently, news reports are delivered to our audience in a newsletter-type format. The government has offered to provide us with the necessary funds to permanently switch over to video format, but we would like to hear the opinions of our audience before making such a transition. Be sure to leave your thoughts below!

That is all for this week’s Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! Until next week, ja ne!

Episode 6

Aired: May 1, 2016
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to episode 6 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! I’m your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. This is a weekly news show where I sit down and tell you all there is to know about what goes on in Rokkenjima! We’re back from our week-long hiatus, and hopefully won’t have another for quite a while. Anyways, let’s get going!

First up, regarding the format of the show, we’ve decided that keeping the news reports in a newsletter format would be the easiest and most worthwhile thing to do. We apologize to those who wanted the show to be in video format. I know you’re disappointed that you won’t get to see my pretty face more! Hehe. Now then, let’s move on to the actual news.

A new city is set to be built here in Åland. The city will be called Sintiya-shi, named in honor of the wife of Eva-Beatrice, the Grand Duchess Sintiya of Finland. Sintiya-shi will be Rokkenjima’s second major city on Orbis. Expected to be one of the main attractions of the city is the brand new Raizen Academy. The purpose of the school is to educate those with natural magical abilities lying dormant within them to reach their full potential. Students will work to hone their magical skills over the course of a year. Those who succeed have the option to enroll in Rokkenjima’s military in a branch of their choosing. The school will only be open to citizens of Rokkenjima.


Rebuilding in the Swedish capital of Gothenburg continues following a preemptive nuclear strike that took place on the 27th of April. Rokkenjima’s embassy was one of the few things to survive the explosion due to its protective magical barrier. Injured citizens who were exposed to high doses of radiation continue to be treated with magic at the embassy. No citizens of Rokkenjima were harmed in the explosion. Those who were in Sweden at the time of the explosion were teleported back to Rokkenjima. Travel to Sweden has been restricted until it is deemed safe.

Night Raid, Rokkenjima’s government-funded assassination group, has claimed responsibility for helping to stabilize the situation in the Eastern Asian Republic city of Seoul. They had secretly entered the city early last week, and assassinated about 650 insurgents over the course of 5 days. Some are calling on the Witch Council to disband the group, as their hostile actions threaten the peace of Rokkenjima and her allies. The Council has outright refused to do so, and will continue funding the group.

Lastly, we would like to announce that there will be a Girls Dead Monster concert held in Alcamoth’s concert hall next weekend! Tickets go on sale today. They are ¥3,000 per person. Any nation leaders who wish to attend will get in for free. Just let us know if you wish to attend below!

Girls Dead Monster

That is all for this week’s Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! Until next week, ja ne!

Episode 7

Aired: May 14, 2016
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to episode 7 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! I’m your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. This is a weekly news show where I sit down and tell you all there is to know about what goes on in Rokkenjima! We apologize for there not being a show last week. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a whole lot happening, and we were all so busy. Hopefully it won’t happen again. Without further delay, let’s get right into it!

First off, we would like to announce the return of Eva-Beatrice from Rokkenjima’s home world, Digiterra! She was there for a week to deliver a report to Rokkenjima’s main government. Overall, the trip went smoothly. Upon her return on Wednesday, she regained her leadership position of the country from Dusk Nocturne, who held it temporarily.

Raizen Academy is now officially open! As mentioned before, it is a place to educate those with natural magical abilities lying dormant within them to reach their full potential. Over 3,000 students have enrolled! It makes me so excited! To think that humans using magic will become commonplace in the very near future! It’s something I’d never thought I’d see in my thousand years of living.

In a recent poll, our very own city of Alcamoth has been voted the most appealing European city on Orbis! There were quite a few cities deserving of that title that were nominated as well, such as Gothenburg and Helsinki. After the votes remained tied for almost a day, Alcamoth barely beat out Gothenburg to win it. There will be a huge party held in Alcamoth tonight to celebrate. The city will be beautifully lit up, along with a fireworks display later in the night. If any foreign leaders are able to make it in time, you’re more than welcome to attend!


The city of Alcamoth above Eryth Sea

The Girls Dead Monster concert held in Alcamoth’s concert hall last weekend was a huge success! It had a record turnout, with a total of 15,265 people in attendance. We even had some special guests in attendance, including King Zafrizackery of Sweden and Premier Solaris of the Greater Meta Republic! I also had the honor of attending, and it was truly spectacular. Everyone in GlDeMo performed exceptionally well, and I can’t wait to be able to see them live again.

On the topic of concerts, Vocaloid has begun their world tour, Hatsune Miku Expo! Their first stop will be in Lambdagrad, Greater Meta Republic next Saturday afternoon and night. For the afternoon concert, doors open at 12:30 PM and the show begins at 1:30 PM. For the night concert, doors open at 7:00 PM and the show begins at 8:00 PM. Standard tickets will be ¥8,000 while VIP tickets will range from ¥10,000 to ¥16,000. Nation leaders/people of importance may get in for free. We hope to see you there!

Miku Expo

Lastly, I would like to announce that I will be a commentator at this week’s Witch Tournament in Lambdagrad. Further details of the event may be provided by the GMR’s government. As far as whom from Rokkenjima will be competing in the tournament, it’s our very own Dusk Nocturne! She is set to go up against Featherine Augustus Aurora in the main event. Good luck, Dusk!

That is all for this week’s Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! Until next week, ja ne!

Episode 8-13

Did not air on Orbis.

Episode 14

Aired: July 1, 2016
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to episode 14 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! I’m your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. It’s been over a month since we’ve last broadcast globally. Depending on how this episode is received, we may be looking to change that. For now, let’s just get right into this week’s news!

RNN would first like to inform the public that both Eva-Beatrice and Dusk Nocturne have returned from their Game. According to Eva, it was a “great victory for the witch side.” We at RNN would like to congratulate these two on their victory, and wish them luck in any future Games that they may participate in. Upon Eva’s return, Kihara Tomoko stepped down as temporary leader of Rokkenjima, and returned to her seat in the Witch Council.

Next up, we would like to reveal to the world the brand new island of Rokkenjima! With the nationalization of the Åland Islands, the Witch Council had proposed the idea to join together each of the islands that made up Åland. Doing so would give the people of Rokkenjima more space, and make constructing future cities and towns much easier. The island itself is artificial, and is completely manipulable by the Witch Council. Below is a map of the island which includes the rest of Scandinavia, and one with a close-up of the island.

Scandinavia Map
Rokkenjima Island

In foreign affairs, Rokkenjima has recently signed a mutual defense agreement with the Quarian Empire. An embassy has also been established in the Quarian capital of Central, alongside the Quarian embassy in Alcamoth. The Quarian Empire is the third nation on Orbis in which Rokkenjima’s citizens are permitted to travel to. Rokkenjima has also recently opened up trade with Wintery. Similar to the QE, embassies for the two nations have been established in each other’s capitals. Rokkenjima’s citizens will be allowed to travel to Wintery as well. Our ambassador, Crestia Bel, has made trips to both the QE and Wintery to strengthen our diplomatic ties.

Lastly, we would like to extend an invitation to all allied leaders and citizens to Rokkenjima’s National Halloween Party being held next month in Alcamoth! Dressing up is encouraged. Trick-or-treating will be held for the children, as well as parties more themed for adults. There will also be live performances from various bands and artists such as Nami Tamaki, Vocaloid, Girls Dead Monster, and more. You can even test your bravery and experience Rokkenjima’s haunted maze and mansion. We hope to see you there!

That’s all for this week’s Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! Until next week, ja ne!

Episode 15

Aired: July 4, 2016
Date: October 31, 2005 Orbis Time

Happy Halloween, everyone! Welcome to episode 15 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! I’m your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus, currently reporting from Rokkenjima’s National Halloween Party here in Alcamoth! This will be a short, but special news report.

The RNN crew is here with me in Alcamoth for the Halloween Party, and we have quite the turnout! Not only do we have our citizens and the Witch Council here, but also foreign citizens and leaders. I’ve been walking around with Premier Solaris of the Greater Meta Republic. *giggle* We’ve had the chance to see some amazing cosplay, including Lelouch as the Mad Hatter and neko Zafri Zackery.

Lelouch and Zafri Zackery

Alexei Lysenko of Chernigov has also decided to attend, although we haven’t seen him yet. We also got quite the surprise when familiar faces from Hinamizawa, Lady Maria, and Ange Ushiromiya of the GMR decided to cosplay as various witches! They’re so adorable. ^_^

Rokkenjima Halloween Party Cosplay

The party’s been a blast so far, so be sure to come out if you’re able! The night’s not over yet.

Moving away from the party, it seems that students of Raizen Academy have come quite far with their magic since joining a year ago! The Witch Council has announced that it plans to introduce more courses suited for higher-level magic users. We at RNN would like to wish these students good luck! They’ve done well so far.

Lastly, we have a topic that seems perfect for Halloween. Earlier today, the Witch Council had received reports that a dragon had been sighted in the city of Vampiria. It had appeared at approximately 8 A.M. according to witnesses, and is seen here resting on the Devil’s Castle in the center of town. The dragon flew off after several minutes. We have no further details at this time, but the Witch Council has confirmed that the creature is indeed real.

Vampiria Dragon

Well, that’s all for this week’s Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! Happy Halloween, and until next week, ja ne!

Episode 16

Aired: August 3, 2016
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to episode 16 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! I’m your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. We apologize for the month-long hiatus. The RNN crew and I have been so very busy visiting other nations that we haven’t been able to produce an episode in quite a while. We can’t promise that this won’t happen again, but we’ll try our best to bring you an episode every week. Anyways, let’s get right into this week’s news!

Construction of the Polaris Rokkenjima Headquarters has been completed! This building will basically serve as an embassy for any foreign citizen in Rokkenjima that belongs to the alliance. The HQ will make it easier for any Rokkenjima citizen, and Polaris citizen for that matter, to plan a trip to another allied nation as well. It’s also a place for allied governments to meet and hold discussions. Foreign citizens not belonging to the alliance will be allowed to enter the building, but not beyond a certain point. The HQ will hopefully strengthen ties among Polaris nations even further and help pave the way towards a bright future.

Polaris Rokkenjima Headquarters

The Polaris Headquarters in Rokkenjima

More dragons have been spotted in the skies above Rokkenjima! A Dream End Carrier was making its way toward Rokkenjima-controlled Finland when it spotted three dragons flying above the city of Sintiya-shi. Dragon sightings have continued to become more common ever since the first one was spotted in Vampiria almost a month ago. An investigation into where the dragons came from led the Witch Council to believe they’re from Ente Isla. Commander Satan himself has confirmed that dragons do exist there, although he is unsure how they could’ve entered Rokkenjima without passing through a Gate. How they got here aside, the dragons don’t seem to be doing any harm whatsoever, so the Witch Council will continue to allow them to make a home here.


Little league baseball has become quite popular recently in Rokkenjima, with many teams popping up around the country. One such team is the Hinamizawa Fighters, with Irie Kyōsuke, a local doctor, as coach. Shion Sonozaki, a local resident, serves as the team’s manager. Satoshi Hōjō is considered by many to be the team’s most prominent player. The Fighters continue to remain undefeated, and remain the top pick of citizens to win the national championships.

Hinamizawa Fighters

Pictured from left to right: Irie Kyōsuke, Shion Sonozaki, and Satoshi Hōjō

Training for the next Witch Tournament has begun! The August Tournament will be held in Central, Quarian Empire and is scheduled for the 10th. I announced after the last one that I would be participating for the first time! I have to say, the competition is quite fierce! I don’t think I stand a chance of winning, hehe! Here is a list of everyone from Rokkenjima that will be participating.

Participating Witches

Today, the Witch Council has announced the formation of a special police squad that will serve under General Esdeath. They are known as the Jaegers. The main members of the group include Bols, Dr. Stylish, Kurome, Run, Seryu, and Wave. Since crime is practically non-existent in Rokkenjima, however, their main task will be to assist General Esdeath on any missions. They’ll also work together with Night Raid to keep the peace both at home and abroad. The main members of the Jaegers, along with General Esdeath, are pictured below.


Lastly, we would like to announce that construction of Rokkenjima’s first cruise ship, The Aurora, is now complete! Here are some details on the ship. It’s 1,300 ft. in length, can hold 6,500 passengers comfortably (8,000 maximum), contains 12 distinct “neighborhoods”, includes 25 dining options, all with a crew of 2,700 members to ensure your experience is as pleasant as possible! It also currently holds the title of the largest cruise ship on Orbis! The Aurora’s first voyage will be a 14-night cruise around Scandinavia, stopping at cities such as Bergen, Eidfjord, Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, New Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Sintiya-shi. Tickets have gone on sale for citizens of Rokkenjima today, with tickets for foreign citizens going on sale tomorrow. Foreign leaders, should they choose to attend, will be paid for. The Aurora’s voyage will begin on August 15th. We hope to see you there!

The Aurora

That’s all for this week’s Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! Until next time, ja ne!

Episode 17

Aired: August 9, 2016
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to episode 17 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! This week's episode will be quite short due to a certain upcoming event. We apologize, but for now, please enjoy this week's news!

Our first of two topics here today is regarding Estonia. The Witch Council announced earlier today that Rokkenjima has successfully acquired the southern half of the former country of Estonia. It was only a month ago that the entirety of the Estonian government had been killed. At this point in time, all investigations looking into their deaths have ceased. A lack of any sort of evidence caused the Estonian Police to call off all investigations. After the acquisition of northern Estonia by Rokkenjima last month, crime rose drastically in the ungoverned south. The Witch Council had ordered the assassinations of several criminals by Night Raid. Although most crime had been eliminated in the south by that point, General Esdeath, along with the Jaegers, led a mission into southern Estonia in an attempt to completely secure it. After a week, General Alciel and his forces were sent to the south to confirm that it had indeed been secured. At this point in time, all former Estonian citizens are now considered citizens of Rokkenjima. Furthermore, the southern half of the former country is now open for Rokkenjima's citizens to move into. The Witch Council has finished revamping and expanding all major Estonian cities and towns in the north, and are planning to begin work on the southern cities and towns in the near future. All provinces and cities/towns in the southern half of Estonia have also been renamed. Since becoming a part of Rokkenjima, Estonia's population has jumped from around 1,316,000 people to nearly 12,000,000 people. A current map of Estonia can be found below.

Estonia Map

Our second and final topic for today is just a reminder that Rokkenjima will be participating in the August 16' Witch Tournament being held in Central, Quarian Empire tomorrow! The RNN crew will be present at the event. I will also be participating for the first time, which is why the News Reports will be on hiatus again. We hope to see you there cheering us on. Go, Rokkenjima!

That's all for this week's Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! Until next time, ja ne!

Episode 18

Aired: September 9, 2016
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to episode 18 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! I’m your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. We’ve returned from yet another hiatus, of which we humbly apologize for. To make up for it, we’ve got some particularly interesting news to share with you this week. Without further delay, let’s get right to it!

Military operations in Umbrella have finally ceased. General Lucifer’s forces, along with Night Raid, have returned home safely with no injuries or casualties to speak of. With Rokkenjima’s assistance, the number of Nod terrorists in the Umbrella Corp. has drastically decreased. The monetary and medical aid provided has seen good use. Umbrella’s cities have been successfully rebuilt, and all injured citizens have been treated with the help of medical Ragnite. The RNN crew would like to thank our Armed Forces for their continued service to Rokkenjima, and wish the Umbrella Corp. luck in eliminating the threat of Nod once and for all.

The Witch Council has agreed today to assist the Greater Meta Republic with the cleanup of Lambdagrad, following the recent nuclear attack that took place there. Rokkenjima will be joining its ally Umbrella in treating all citizens injured in the attack, as well as suppressing the rising number of criminals running rampant throughout the city. Shipments of medical Ragnite into the GMR will be tripled to help treat those with radiation burns and poisoning. Magic will also be used to clear Lambdagrad, as well as surrounding areas, of all nuclear radiation. Rokkenjima wishes the GMR, and its citizens, a speedy recovery…again.

The former Finnish capital of Helsinki has been revamped and expanded upon. Several hundred square miles have been added to the city’s land area, infrastructure has been majorly improved, and several new skyscrapers have been constructed – creating thousands of new jobs for both Finnish and Rokkenjiman citizens. Similar to Estonia, all southern Finnish cities and towns will be revamped in the coming months. With this move, the approval rating of Rokkenjima among Finnish citizens has jumped from 93% to about 98%. We present to you, the Finnish city of Helsinki.


We’ve saved the best story for last! A few weeks ago, construction of Rokkenjima’s first “mega project” since Alcamoth began. What is it, you may ask? A space elevator and orbital station. At first considered unnecessary, the Witch Council had decided that Rokkenjima having a space elevator of its own would be beneficial. Rokkenjima’s starships would be able to transport both people and resources to Orbis more efficiently, as well as dock and refuel without needing to continuously land and take off from the planet’s surface. Construction of the elevator and orbital station was completed yesterday, with the grand opening occurring today. Rokkenjima presents: Endymion. Located in the center of New Tallinn, the structure towers above the planet at a whopping 1,000 km or roughly 621 miles high. Endymion possesses a magical shield to protect it from any threats. Its orbital station is ringed by an anti-debris defense system, as well as several solar panels. I had the opportunity to attend the elevator’s grand opening earlier today, and I must say, the structure is absolutely incredible. You can’t help but just stare at it endlessly. The Witch Council has confirmed that more “mega projects” are indeed in the works, and will hopefully be completed soon.


Endymion standing in the center of New Tallinn

Endymion Base

The base of Endymion

Endymion Night

Endymion illuminated at night

Endymion Night Closeup

A closeup of Endymion at night

Endymion Orbital Station

The orbital station along with its anti-debris defense system

Endymion Orbital Station Illuminated

The orbital station illuminated

Endymion Great Hall

The orbital station's Great Hall

That’s all for this week’s Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! Until next week, ja ne!

Episode 19

Aired: September 29, 2016
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to episode 19 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! I’m your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a weekly news show where I sit down and tell you all there is to know about what goes on in Rokkenjima. Well…I suppose it’s more of a monthly news show now, isn’t it? Hehe. Sorry about that. Anyways! Enough apologizing. Let’s just get right to it!

To start off, we have a very special guest with us to share some announcements! Everyone please welcome Lady Eva-Beatrice to the show! It’s an honor to have her with us.

Thank you, Clair. It’s a pleasure to be invited on. *clears throat* Yes, as Clair said, I’m here to share some announcements to you all on behalf of the Witch Council. As I’m sure you all know by now, the northern half of Finland, previously under the administration of the Kingdom of Sweden, was recently signed over to Rokkenjima by King Zafri Zackery. The Witch Council extends its heartfelt thanks to Zafri Zackery and the Swedish government for their great act of kindness. We assure Sweden and the rest of Orbis that the citizens of Finland will be taken care of, as the former country is added as a Rokkenjiman territory.

Rokkenjima Finland

Next, the Witch Council would like to officially inform the nations of Orbis that the Gulf of Finland is included in Rokkenjima’s territorial waters, and is thus off limits to non-allied nations and international organizations, such as UDAC. Rokkenjima’s magical barrier will prevent any of the aforementioned entities’ naval vessels from entering our waters. If your naval vessels are present in our waters, please remove them immediately, or they will be forcefully removed. Thank you.

As revealed in the Britannian International News, a recent meeting was held to discuss the current state of affairs between Rokkenjima and Britannia. Kihara Tomoko and I spoke with C.C. regarding several topics – the main one being social relations between our two countries. An agreement was made that will improve transportation of resources and people between Rokkenjima and Britannia, which should help to increase tourism as well. The Witch Council considers C.C. a good friend, and we hope she will return to Rokkenjima soon.

The last thing I would like to discuss is the situation with the newly formed nation of Korea. A recent missile test from the Koreans saw several missiles fly over Europe, each one coming extremely close to Rokkenjima. We may be protected by magic from any threats, but we still don’t appreciate seeing missiles near us or our allies. Continued missile tests from Korea, which affect either Rokkenjima or our allies in any way, will result in countermeasures being taken by the Rokkenjima Armed Forces. You have been warned.

That is all I have to say. I’d like to once again thank Clair and the RNN crew for inviting me on today. Keep up the great work!

Thank you, Eva! We hope to see you on the air with us again soon! Last up for this week’s show, we would like to announce that Rokkenjima will be having a very special visitor in the coming days from our homeworld of Digiterra. It is none other than the commander of Rokkenjima’s main Armed Forces, the Endless Sorcerer – Battler Ushiromiya! He will be meeting with the Orbis Witch Council, as well as Rokkenjima’s military commanders of Orbis. I’m sure he’ll have plenty of time to meet with others, so if any world leaders wish to do so, they are able. I can’t wait to see him again! We’re gonna party. Hehe! Maybe we can interview him on the show?

That’s all for this week’s Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! Until next time, ja ne!

Episode 20-30

Did not air on Orbis.

Episode 31

Aired: December 22, 2016

Rokkenjima News Report Winter Edition

Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to episode 31 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! I’m your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a news show where I sit down and tell you all there is to know about what goes on in Rokkenjima. Twelve episodes after the last one aired on Orbis, RNN is finally back! We’re in our new studio located here in Tokyo, and we’re certainly enjoying every minute of it. So, without further ado, broadcasting to both Orbis and Meta, let’s get right into it!

Washington D.C. Flag

The Rokkenjima Territory Stabilization Program has added yet another city to its list of acquisitions. On Monday, December 19, 2016, the Dutch East Indies Company agreed to relinquish control of the former American capital of Washington D.C. to Rokkenjima. Unlike previous deals of similar nature, the establishment of relations between the two involved parties did not occur. Instead, the Dutch East Indies Company was permitted to open an embassy in Rokkenjima’s Orbis capital of Tokyo, with Rokkenjima ceasing all negotiations to acquire the state of New York from the DEIC. The city has since been stabilized by Rokkenjima’s law enforcement, with the Rokkenjima Armed Forces acting as border security. It is unknown if Rokkenjima will attempt to connect D.C. with the state of Pennsylvania, but many think the possibility is highly likely considering the large amount of military forces present in the region.

Washington D.C.

Construction of a new “mega-city” has been confirmed by the Witch Council to begin in January of 2017. The city will be located in southeastern Hokkaido, and is expected to rival several major cities in Eastern Asia in terms of size and technological advancement. The city is expected to create a drastic increase in tourism, which is already incredibly high due to Rokkenjima’s recent territorial expansion. The city is also set to become a major trading hub, with it being one of many stops included in the Great Northern Trade Route with the Federation of Alexiamia and Sweden. Currently, nothing else is known about the upcoming city. RNN will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Several polls recording the public’s opinion on certain topics have come out recently. Some topics include what countries Rokkenjima’s citizens consider to be the most powerful on Orbis, approval ratings of several of Rokkenjima’s allies, and countries that citizens believe will not last till the end of 2017. Here are the results.

Most powerful countries:

1. Rokkenjima
2. The Republic of the Meta Board
3. The Holy Britannian Empire
4. The Federation of Alexiamia and Sweden
5. Caledonia
6. Impérial Empire du France
7. The Republic of Exodus
8. Nova Scotia
9. Thundera
10. Resvernas

Approval ratings of allies:

The Republic of the Meta Board – 91% view positively, 9% view negatively
The Holy Britannian Empire – 85% view positively, 15% view negatively
The Republic of Exodus – 77% view positively, 23% view negatively
The Kingdom of Wintery – 74% view positively, 26% view negatively
Impérial Empire du France – 36% view positively, 64% view negatively
The Federation of Alexiamia and Sweden – 22% view positively, 78% view negatively

Countries that won’t last till the end of 2017:

1. Colony of Los Angeles
2. Meripez
3. The Dutch East Indies Company
4. Republic of Goand
5. Kerthcandet
6. Nestingland
7. Windhelm
8. Stanistan
9. The Second Empire
10. Ruhr

Now for our final story of the day. Several major cities in Rokkenjima have been fully decorated for Christmas, as well as making preparations for New Year’s. Cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. have been decorated the most, and are expected to hold among the largest New Year’s celebrations in the world. If you have nowhere to be on Christmas or New Year’s, and are able to travel to Rokkenjima, you certainly won’t leave disappointed.

Tokyo Illuminated

Tokyo illuminated at night with Tokyo Tower in the background

Washington D.C. Christmas Tree

Washington D.C.'s Christmas Tree with the White House in the background

That is all for this Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! Until next time, from all of us here at RNN, happy holidays!

Episode 32

Aired: January 1, 2017
Ohayōgozaimasu and happy New Year, everyone! Welcome to episode 32 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! I’m your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. This is a weekly news show where I sit down and tell you all there is to know about what’s going on in Rokkenjima. This is our first show of 2017, so without further delay, let’s get right into it!

From late December into early January, several new expansions were made as part of the Rokkenjima Territory Stabilization Program. In North America, three neighboring states were added to Rokkenjima’s territory. Those being New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. As I predicted last show, this expansion has indeed connected Washington D.C. with the rest of Rokkenjima’s American territory. All three states have been secured by law enforcement, and are now open to foreign visitors. Jeez, there are more and more places every month that I want to travel to. Rest in peace, my wallet.

Trenton, New Jersey

Trenton, New Jersey

Delaware State House

Delaware State House in Dover, Delaware

Maryland State House

Maryland State House in Annapolis, Maryland

Construction of the mysterious “mega-city” has begun in southeastern Hokkaido. The Witch Council has yet to release any information regarding the city, yet it has left millions of people both intrigued and excited. The city is a trending topic on social media here in Rokkenjima as of late, with many saying they’ll be purchasing plane tickets as soon as the opening date for the city is announced. I know I’ll be there with the RNN crew on opening day, so expect a special edition of the Rokkenjima News Report whenever that may be! You mean you’ll drag us there whether we like it or not? See? They share my excitement! *sigh*

Now onto our last topic for today. The situation at the former Swedish embassy here in Tokyo is still ongoing. The Witch Council has reported that they’ve still received no word from the Swedish government regarding the situation. The nearly 1,000 Swedish citizens being held in the embassy have begun losing hope, with many angered at their government’s lack of action to retrieve them. The Witch Council has stated that if the situation continues on as it has, the Swedish will be accepted as Rokkenjiman citizens and peacefully integrated into Rokkenjima’s society. Around the world, public and state opinion of Sweden has drastically worsened in many countries. In neighboring ally, the Meta Board, as well as here at home, support for Sweden among the public is at this point non-existent. Furthermore, the termination of relations with The Silver Bond has caused many to believe that Rokkenjima is on its way to creating its own sphere, a possibility that is becoming all the more likely.

That is all for this week’s Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! Until next week, ja ne!

Episode 33

Aired: February 10, 2017
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to episode 33 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN and Lambdagrad News Channel Episode XIII on LNC! I'm your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus, and my name is Karin Rokkaku, and we're here to bring you the latest for the 10th of February on this special dual episode of LNC and the Rokkenjima News Report! Yep! Even though we've had guests from the Meta Board on the show before, and I've been a guest on LNC before, something like this has never been done. I'm definitely excited. So without further delay, let's get right to it!

A new city is currently under construction in Sakhalin, north of the Hokkaido construction site of Rokkenjima's newest city. It is currently unknown how much land it'll cover, but estimates say it'll be as large as Lambdagrad's Metro. Featherine has shown great interest in making it a tourist location for Rokkenjima and Wintery residents as the city resides in between both countries. The city is expected to be called Renagrad which is named after Rena Ryūgū of Rokkenjima. According to the Meta Board Senate, this city will also feature the largest shopping mall in the country, beating the Konpeitō Mall in Lambdagrad. It is to feature 400 stores and a 13-restaurant food court.

Wow! Sounds like it'll be a great place to visit. *looks over to the side at Solaris and smirks* Plus, with the city being constructed on a Russian piece of land, the "grad" suffix finally makes sense! *giggles*

Construction of the mysterious "mega-city" in southeastern Hokkaido is almost complete! For months, it has been the most talked about topic when it comes to domestic news. Just today, the Witch Council has confirmed the exact size of the city, as well as what its name shall be! According to the Council, the city will cover approximately 4,150 sq. miles of land. To put that into perspective, Tokyo, Rokkenjima's current largest city, is 845 sq. miles. That's freaking huge! Solaris and I will have so much to see! *giggles* And now for the best part, the city's official name. The Witch Council told me they wanted to name it after me for all that I do for Rokkenjima. *blushes* I was honored to accept, and thus the city's official name became Vaux-shi. I still can't believe Japan's new largest city will be named after me! Thank you so much, everybody from the Witch Council!

The Lambdagrad Tower is getting an extension later on as Featherine approved a height extension to the tower. The tower will have 20 more floors to accommodate the amount of workers in the Meta Board Capitol Building. The tower currently has 207 floors. It will also be a record attempt in the tallest skyscraper on the planet.

Our next story is a more serious one. In the late hours of the night on Thursday, a dead body with each of its limbs cleanly severed was found on the border between France and the Rokkenjiman colony of Sauville. The body was retrieved upon being discovered by Rokkenjima's border security, and taken back to a lab where it could be properly examined. The person, confirmed to be a male in his early thirties, was reportedly dead for at least three hours before being discovered. His name and country of origin are currently unknown, and are being looked into. An investigation into the cause of death is underway, as well as who may be responsible. As of right now, the biggest question investigators have is regarding the severed limbs of the person, and what could have been used to sever them. More information will be released as it becomes available. *shivers* How scary. This is the first time we've ever dealt with something like this. It's a good thing the victim wasn't one of our citizens, at least.

I'm sure City Protection could help identify the man if Featherine is requested to speak with Koda Winters about sending officers to help. That is quite scary to say the least. I hope foul play wasn't involved.

The Lambdagrad Music Festival is this weekend. It'll kick off tomorrow at 7 A.M. and end on Monday. Groups expected to perform include Touhou, Vocaloids from the Meta Board, Vocaloids from Rokkenjima, Ho-kago Tea Time, and Girls Dead Monster. Admission is free and we at the Meta Board hope you all have a great time. Clair is definitely dragging her husband to the Festival. Right, Clair? Of course! *smiles*

That is all for this week's Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN, and Lambdagrad News Channel Episode XIII on LNC. Until next time, ja ne!

Episode 34

Aired: February 18, 2017
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to episode 34 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! I'm your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. To begin, I'd just like to say thank you to all those who tuned in to our RNN/LNC broadcast last week! It was our most successful Orbis broadcast of all time, attracting over 30 million viewers! Due to the overwhelming positive feedback we received, plans to do this again in the future are definitely underway. Anyway, with that out of the way, let's get right to this week's news!

Recently, there have been a few territorial changes in Rokkenjima. Our close ally, the Meta Board, was kind enough to turn over the island of Taiwan to Rokkenjima. The Witch Council has expressed their thanks to the Meta Board's new leader, Lady Maita Tanami, and have begun to incorporate the new territory into Rokkenjima's own. The Council has already confirmed that several projects are in the works to revamp Taiwan's cities and towns, as well as connect Taiwan with the islands of Japan. Additionally, the underwater freeway that connects Taiwan with mainland China will revamped and expanded upon to not only connect Rokkenjima with the Meta Board, but with Phoenixia as well. Taiwan will be open to both Rokkenjima's citizens and tourists in March.


Taipei, Taiwan

Construction of the city of Vaux-shi has finally been completed! This is the first "mega-city" to be built by Rokkenjima on Orbis. As such, it now holds the title of Rokkenjima's largest Orbis city! The Witch Council has released more information about Vaux-shi. The city itself will cover approximately 4,150 sq. miles of land, and be able to support a population of 68.1 million people! It is expected to quickly become Rokkenjima's most populous city, taking the title from Tokyo with its population of 14 million people. I've also received word that RNN will be relocating its main Orbis studio from Tokyo to Vaux-shi, which would bring the number of RNN offices on Orbis to three - Vaux-shi, Tokyo, and Kyoto. I can't believe it's finally complete! Solaris and I will certainly be going there this weekend. I'll be sure to drag him around until we've seen every last thing the city has to offer! Hehe.


Vaux-shi, Rokkenjima

That is all for this week's Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN. Until next week, ja ne!

Episode 35-140

Did not air on Orbis.


Aired: March 5, 2019
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to the Rokkenjima News Report for March 5, 2019 here on RNN! I'm your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. I have a couple of topics to cover today, but before I begin, I would like to welcome back all those who may be viewing this episode on Orbis. It has been about two years since our last Orbis broadcast. One hundred six episodes later, Rokkenjima has decided to once again air the Rokkenjima News Report on Orbis. There will be some changes, however, which leads me into my first topic.

As you may have noticed, the format and schedule for the show has changed. Starting today, from episode 141 onward, the Rokkenjima News Reports will transition to a date format. Keeping RNN's unaired Orbis broadcasts in mind, it is our hope that the introduction of the date format will alleviate any confusion our viewers may experience. In regards to our schedule moving forward, I am here to announce that there will be no set schedule. Over these past few years, this show has maintained a consistent weekly broadcast schedule. With the number of major events occurring in Rokkenjima dropping, it has been determined that the best course of action moving forward is to reserve the Rokkenjima News Reports specifically for those major events. This will allow our team to more thoroughly research and report on these topics in addition to gaining some more time off. Of course, if several major events are occurring in a short period of time, then there may be multiple episodes some weeks. Otherwise, the Rokkenjima News Report may air only once or twice a month.

My final topic for today has to do with foreign affairs. On March 1, the Witch Council received a notice of cancellation from the government of the Meta Board. Effective immediately, the Mariage Sorciere alliance existing between the two nations for 1,093 days is no more. The specific reasoning behind this decision is unknown, but it seems to have resulted from some sort of disagreement between the two governments. Due to the treaty's cancellation, visitors from the Meta Board have been returned to their country, with all future travel and trade agreements between Rokkenjima and the Meta Board cut. As of now, no nation outside of Polaris, with the exception of the Meta Board, has permission to visit Rokkenjima and the planet of Meta.

That is all for this episode of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN. Until next time, ja ne!


Aired: January 12, 2020
Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to the Rokkenjima News Report for January 12, 2020 here on RNN! I'm your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. It's been ten months since our last broadcast, so I'd like to welcome back all our viewers and thank you for watching! I stated in our last episode that the Rokkenjima News Report would be reserved for major events occurring in our nation, and we have two major events to discuss with you today!

To begin, we're happy to report that Rokkenjima now belongs to a different alliance affiliation on Orbis. On December 8th of last year, Rokkenjima ended its affiliation with Polaris which began on June 7, 2016 and lasted 1,280 days. As of December 9, 2019, Rokkenjima is now affiliated with The Commonwealth alliance. With this change, the Witch Council has declared their intention to reestablish Rokkenjima's Orbis branch, which leads me into my next topic.

This just in, Rokkenjima has declared war on former ally The Holy Britannian Empire as a part of The Commonwealth's campaign against The Black Knights. The Witch Council has decided it would like to claim the islands of Japan for Rokkenjima once again, which is currently occupied by Britannia under the name "Area 11." The Witch Council wants to make it clear that there are no hard feelings between the two governments, also stating that this conflict should be the perfect way to relieve both parties of their boredom. Rokkenjima kicked off the fighting with the first airstrike of the conflict shortly after the declaration of war. Rokkenjima's forces lost 158 aircraft, while managing to destroy 300 Britannian aircraft. Rokkenjima looks forward to meeting Britannia on the battlefield. No hard feelings, right? Hehe~

Britannia Japan Flag

That is all for this episode of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN. Until next time, ja ne!

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