Respublica Romana

Flag of Respublica Romana

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Basic Details
Founded August 19, 2018
Headquarters Europe
Color Brown
Status Active
Consul Dreadnought
Aedile (FA) Vacant
Censor (IA) Vacant
Quaestor (Econ) Carl Sagan
Praetor (War) ELSheepO
Chief High Priest Vacant
As of July 15th, 2019
Total Nations 23
Score 108,961.57
Average Score 4,737.46
Alliance Rank #15 of 301 (4.98%)
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP House Stark
ODoAP Ming Empire
ODoAP The Manhattan Cartel
ODP Farkistan

Respublica Romana or R&R (3rd) was a small brown alliance founded on August 14th, 2018. It's formation is of some old R&R members from the second R&R and members that left Ragnarok.

Original R&R came from Cyber Nations to establish itself in a new world. The first R&R attempt was back in early 2016, when they then disbanded in August of 2016. The second R&R attempt was one month later after disbanding, when few more members from Cyber Nations came over to give it new life. One year and three months later, it merged with two other alliances to form a new alliance called Bad Company. Not everyone went into the merger.

Those that didn't go into the merger moved to Ragnarok. After seven months there, we realize the changes and rising issues, made it where it wasn't fitting for us. This led us to re-creating R&R for a third time, with those still loyal to keeping the name and legacy alive.

New face of R&R/RnR Edit

Previous R&R creations have followed a more generic theme of military and government structuring of modern day USA. This time we gone with a new theme, Respublica Romana, Roman Republic. It has been an interest to many and fit well with the legacy of R&R.

"Intellectual Copyrights" (LOL) Edit

Upon creation of the third R&R, we were met with instant hostilities from a couple former members of R&R that merged to form Bad Company. They felt that they "owned" the name R&R. As no such type of ownership ever existed on P&W before, many, many people through out P&W found it funny to say the least. With the help of House Stark to avoid threats of war over a name to become reality, we accepted to change our name to RnR.

Is R&R for you? Edit

We focus on growth. We prefer building over warring. We believe in everyone has a voice. We work as a community.

If all that is what you been looking for, should give us a look.

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