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This alliance has disbanded as of August 15, 2017. More information is available here.


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Basic Details
Founded 3/17/2017
Headquarters Europe
Color White
Status Defunct
CEO Prezyan
COO Nathaniel Drake
Total Nations 80
Score 40,910
Average Score 558.31
Alliance Rank 26
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Treaty Spectrum

Resplendent was a white team alliance protected by Spectrum. It is a reformation of the original Resplendent following the collapse of Obelisk, which it had merged with Oblivion to form. They disbanded on August 15, 2017 with some members merging into House Stark (2nd).


The original Resplendent merged with Oblivion to form Obelisk on December 7, 2016. Following an alliance made with Polaris on January 2, 2017, the Resplendent members of Obelisk left for The Commonwealth due to disagreements with the decision and internal power struggles. When Obelisk eventually collapsed and began to merge into Rose on March 14, 2017, Prezyan asked the remaining leadership of Obelisk, Ockey, to return the alliance. He agreed, and Resplendent was restored on March 17th, 2017.


Chief Government

  • CEO: Prezyan
  • COO: Nathaniel Drake

List of Resplendent Governments (Executive Board Only)

Executive N/A N/A Date
Nathaniel Drake N/A N/A 3/17/2017
Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Operating Officer Date
Prezyan N/A Nathaniel Drake 3/17/2017 -

1 - de facto



Protectorate of - Spectrum Bloc


Protectorate of - The Commonwealth

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