Republic of West Australia

Regicide Flag Flag of Republic of West Australia

Rector Benjamin Sanders
Member of Regicide
Basic Information
Founded September 19, 2016
Color White
National Statistics
Government Type Federal Republic Federal Republic
Social Policies Libertarian Libertarian
Economic Policies Right Right
Pollution 95 points
Currency Australian Dollar
GDP $135,494,450.31
Civilians 108,434
Area 1,500 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 72.29 people per mi²
Military Strength
Infantry 15,000
Tanks 27
Stadium: Perth International Stadium
Team: The Aussiez
National Capital Perth

Republic of West Australia Edit

Nation History

After Australia was annihilated in the Silent War, The Republic of West Australia came out and took control of Perth and declared itself. There was a great migration from India to West Australia during the Silent War so the Indian population is second to the Australian population. Then it founded Regicide, a small alliance in the White Sphere. Benjamin Sanders is the Regis of Regicide. The Republic of West Australia is usually referred as tRoWA


Continent: Australia
Land Area: 2,414.01 sq. km
Terrain: Mostly a desert terrain, the tRoWA is small considering to other nations around the world. It is growing ever so slowly.
Highest Peak: Mount Meharry, 1,249 meters
Lowest Valley: Lake Macleod, -4 meters
Climate: A very temperate climate in tRoWA. Only very warm in the desert region during the summer.

People & Society

Population: 108,398 people
Demonym: West Australian
Demonym Plural: West Australians
Ethnic Groups: Australian - 76.0%

Indian - 21.0%
Asian - 13.0%

Languages: English - 76.0%

Indian - 21.0%
Mandarin Chinese - 13.0%

Religions: Christianity - 87.0%

Hindu - 11.0%
Other - 2.0%


Life Expectancy: 82 years
Obesity: 1.4%
Alcohol Users: 83.8%
Tobacco Users: 42.3%
Cannabis Users: 6.9%
Hard Drug Users: 0.3%


Description: tRoWA has a strong capitalist economy. It has high GDP. It's main trade partner is the Eadtern Theocracy of Australia and others in Regicide.
Average Yearly Income: $112.37
GDP: $135,494,450.31
GDP per Capita: $1,249.96
Industries: The major industries of tRoWA are Coal, Bauxite, Aluminum, and Food.

Military History

History: The Army of the West, led by General Karis.

The Air Force of the West, led by Air Fleet Commander Hall.
The Navy of the West, led by High Admiral Parriman.

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