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The Republic of Stark is a nation in North America, made up of the entirety of Stark County, Ohio. Its cities are Canton, Massillon, Louisville, Canal Fulton, and Alliance. The leader is Btc.


The Republic of Stark was founded in the AM hours of June 16, 2024 by Btc. The overthrowing of county government provided large leverage of land and therefore room for expansion. Now the citizens had to rebuild what they had lost during the battle for independence. Soon they rebuilt their power plants, factories and amenities.

The city of Canton was restored to power and was cleaned up. Soon after Massillon and Alliance would be reformed and rebuilt.

Canton was the Hall of Fame City. The Hall of Fame was damaged by the independence war but has been mainly restored in line with the OBL. Massillon and Alliance continue as a hub for manufacturing. Farms in the county generate almost no profit due to the radiation.

Louisville was also reformed after Btc increased Stark's presence on the forum and Discord.

On the 18th, an Activity Center was built in Canton.

On the 20th, Canal Fulton was founded. The first new city in 4 days.

Several constructions on the 21st brought the nation's pollution index down to 25.


Stark is located in Northeast Ohio, where Portage, Tuscarawas, Mahoning, Columbiana, Wayne, Carroll, and Summit counties used to border it. The Tuscarawas River splits the city of Massillon, and Nimishillen Creek splits Canton. The area has a small number of hills to the south, where the Allegheny Plateaus transition between glaciated and un-glaciated.

The Mahoning River also flows through here at Alliance, before flowing into reservoirs like Deer Creek and Berlin Lake.

Lakes like Lake Cable and Meyers Lake also exist.

The soil here used to be fertile, allowing for countless different plants to show up here, the main product were crops like corn, soy, and wheat.

Stark is undergoing military expansion to ensure a safe and secure transition from Beige.

Government and Politics[]

Stark county is a Constitutional Republic. It abides by the Constitution, a complete copy of the US Constitution, with minor updating. Citizens can own firearms and can speak freely. Money can be spent as wished, so on.

The Legislative Government of Stark consists of the House of Representatives, with 24 members, for each township as well as the 5 cities. The Senate, with also 24 members. The Executive branch is almost fully alike the US President, with the power of vetoes and the role of commander-in-chief. The Judicial branch is made up of lower courts, and also the Stark Supreme Court, located in the Stark County Courthouse in Canton. There are members of the cabinet, such as the Treasurer, Department secretaries, and staffers.

Stark is a right-wing nation, with almost all of it's citizens feeling the same way. it holds moderate policies but allows for a large voter base. People who can pass a drug test, can tell 3 facts about candidates of favor [candidate ads are required to state true facts or face massive fines], and are 18 are allowed to vote.

The approval rating of Stark's government is at 77.4%.