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Republic of Libertas

Flag of Republic of Libertas

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Basic Details
Color Black
Discord Server Join Here
President Exiper
Chief of Staff Cristobal
Minister of Finance Felipe the VI
Minister of Foreign Affairs Wreckpro
Minister of the Interior Bayinaung
Minister of Academics hkgolden
Speaker of the Assembly Alistair Aeducan
Chief Justice Gustavo
Alliance Rank 49
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
ODP Antarctica Alliance
ODP Valorian Order
PIAT World Task Force
Protectorate Sail Loves Singularity
MDoAP Dark Brotherhood
ODoAP The Golden Horde


Breaking From FSO[]

RoL (Republic of Libertas) began as a breakaway from the democratic alliance of FSO (Federated States of Orbis (Alliance)) which itself came as a merger between the alliances OFN (organization of free nations) and TGUR (The Greater Unitary Republic). Despite the FSO being formally called a Democracy, there was a great amount of corruption going on behind the scenes. The first instance of corruption was in the presidential election between Mystic and Thompson. Mystic was Leading in the polls when there was a sudden double vote and the election had to be started from the beginning. Despite this Mystic won the second election and was elected president, although Thompson was selected to be Mystic’s right hand.

At the start of the next election Thompson was again running for president this time against Anders. Yet again Thompson was trailing behind in the polls, yet again there was mysterious tampering forcing the election to be reset. Although Anders won the election he declined to give Thompson a seat in his government.

From the start of Anders’ Presidency there were tensions between Anders and Thompson, coming to a head when Thompson went to FSO’s then protectorate The Knights Radiant, behind Anders’ back. This resulted in the protectorate getting dropped due to inner turmoil. But this wouldn't be the end of Thompson’s shenanigans, he then used the Knights radiant debacle as reasoning to impeach Anders. Despite something so important as an impeachment would warrant a vote in which every member of the alliance could have their voice heard, and therefore making a citizen vote the most prudent choice, the decision to impeach Anders was put to a parliament vote. Even during the vote corruption was evident as certain members of parliament’s deciding votes were removed from the vote, resulting in a majority in favor for impeachment.

Royal Bastards Phase[]

The original Alliance was set up to be a constitutional monarchy. There was a position for a monarch although this was mostly ceremonial. The actual power resided in the prime minister. There was also a high council and a parliament as well. The monarch, the prime minister, and high council made up the executive branch of the government, and would vote on treaties, going to war, and other important alliance affairs. The parliament dealt with the day-to-day passing of laws and legislation.

Creation of the Republic of Libertas[]

The creation of the RoL (Republic of Libertas) came at a tumultuous period in the alliance’s history. The alliance had just suffered a vicious scandal, the United Socialist Nations had dropped their treaty with the alliance, and had suffered a drop in members as well. It was during this time that a total overhaul of the alliance took place. The name was changed to the Republic of Libertas and an entirely new constitution was created by Exiper and GGamers. The monarchy, high council, and parliament was disbanded and the republic would be led by a democratically elected president. The new republic built a sphere through various micro treaties and with a global war taking place the amount of mass raids also decreased. It was a slow and vicious climb but the Republic of Libertas had finally made it into the top 50 alliances