Republic of Lethamyr

Lethamyr Flag Flag of Republic of Lethamyr

President Heinrich Kaufmann
Aristocrat of Titan
Basic Information
Founded 8 January 1991
Color Orange
National Statistics
Government Type Autocracy Autocracy
Social Policies Fascist Fascist
Economic Policies Far Left Far Left
Economy Socialist Socialist
Pollution 0 points
Currency Euro
GDP 1,938,169,174.50
Civilians 609,960
Area 5,500 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 71.90 people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name Lethamyrian Armed Forces
Nation Rank #695 of 3,113 Nations (22.33%)
Score 452.60
Infantry 42,000
Tanks 1,570
Aircraft 0
Ships 0
Spies 7
Missiles Confidential
Nuclear Warheads Confidential
National Capital Kargeth
Other Cities Verona, Crunport, Riften, Vizima

Description Edit

The Republic of Lethamyr is a nation led by President Heinrich Kaufmann on the continent of North America. The Republic of Lethamyr's government is an Autocracy with very libertarian social policies. Economically, The Republic of Lethamyr favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of The Republic of Lethamyr is the Euro. At 67 days old, The Republic of Lethamyr is an established nation. The Republic of Lethamyr has a population of 609,960 and a land area of 5,500 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 110.90.

History Edit

Lethamyr, (Officially the Republic of Lethamyr) was created in the midst of the Great Lethamyr Socialist Revolution on 8 September 1991 when 168,000 citizens and 25,000 members of the Bundeswehr took control of the Bundestag and abolished the fascist state along with all its' symbols, including the leader title, "Chancellor".

Lethamyr is a peaceful state, although in their recent history headed by a fascist government, the Federal Republic of Germany (Now Lethamyr) has been involved in many unprovoked conflicts with smaller nations, resulting in heavy sanctions imposed on the Federal Republic of Germany.

After the Great Lethamyr Socialist Revolution, Lethamyr (Previously the Federal Republic of Germany), has cut down on military spending and has instead focused on their education, economy, and healthcare. According to a nation-wide census, 87% of Lethamyrians think that the newly established state is doing very well.

Military Edit

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Government Edit

Lethamyr is led by the President with the assistance of the Prime Minister. The Lethamyrian National Parliament includes the 5 major political parties in Lethamyr.


United Lethamyr Edit

United Lethamyr is currently the ruling party in Lethamyr and is the official party of President Heinrich Kaufmann. United Lethamyr is a far left party based on Democratic Socialism. United Lethamyr is a party that emerged after the Great Lethamyr Socialist Revolution, and has gained much popularity because of it.

Libertarian Party Edit

The Libertarian Party is a moderate-left political party that has worked with United Lethamyr many times, and both parties have suggested merging. The Libertarian Party has recently been accused of human rights abuse, and arms trafficking but the Libertarian Party and United Lethamyr have openly denied these accusations.


Fascist MovementEdit

The Fascist Movement is a far-right political party that advocates the return of the fascist government. The Fascist Movement is a highly unpopular party because of the revolution.

Conservative Alliance Edit

The Conservative Alliance is a moderate-right political party that works in coalition with the Fascist Movement. The Conservative Alliance has conducted many protests and rallies against the government. The Conservative Alliance is a highly popular political party. According to a nation-wide census, 36% of Lethamyrians would support the Conservative Party.

Democratic Coalition Edit

The Democratic Coalition is a moderate political party that is usually very centrist and advocates balance in all things. The Democratic Coalition does not have many supporters but they have been responsible for passing important bills that help Lethamyr progress further.

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