Republik of Finland
Republic of Finland Flag
National Flag
Through reason, or by force
National Anthem: Soldiers Honor
Imperial Anthem: Soldier of 3 Armies
Capital Polaria
Largest Cities Polaria, Cairo
Official languagess English, Finnish
- Recognized regional languages Swedish, Dannish
Demonym Finnish
Government Stratocracy
- General of the State Raiden
- General of the Government Simo Hayha
Legislature National Council
- Upper House National Military
- Lower House Military Police
Supreme Court Finnish Military Court
- Finnish Revolution
- Lauri Torni's Coup
Major Religions Christianity, Baa-ism
National Animal Black Lion
Total Area 6,300
Total Population
- Ethnic groups
Population Density 97.5
Alliance Affiliation Ingen Technologies Inc.
Currency Euro
Nominal GDP
- Total
- Per Capita
2015 estimate
$1.95 Billion
Literacy Rate 97.6%
Internet TLD .fnm
Driving Lane Right
Date Format mm-dd-yyy

Republic of Finland is a nation led by Commander Lauri Torni on the continent of Africa. Republic of Finland's government is a Stratocracy with very moderate social policies. Economically, Republic of Finland favors far left wing policies. The official currency of Republic of Finland is the Euro.

History Edit

Republic of Finland is a country located in north Africa. Finland has had some diplomatic problems with Egypt. With tensions rising, Egypt attacked mainland Finland. Thanks to Lauri Torni, Finnish Armed Forces pushed back the Egyptian invasion force. The Finnish Armed Forces pushed into Egypt. Within 2 months, Finland conquered all of Egypt. Lauri Torni was soon elected and declared the government as a Stratocracy. After several months in office, Torni disappeared during a live-fire training in which he was leading a spec ops unit through the desert. Neither his body, nor the unit were found. Two days after the diss

Government Edit

Republic of Finland is a Stratocracy run by the General of the State Raiden and General of the Governement Simo Hayha. Everyone in the government must be at least a Warrant Officer or higher to be in any position.

Military Edit

Military service in the Republik of Finland is required at the age of 18 or 22 at the 222nd and 310th Finnish Jaeger Brigade. The Jaeger Brigade is similar to the USA's National Guard. This system allows the new adults at 18 to deny military service to go to college for 4 years, but once they turn 22 and finish 4 years of college, it is mandatory to go to the army.

Order of Battle: Finland Edit

222nd and 310th Finnish Jaeger Brigade

122nd Rapid Response Brigade at Kainuu

1st and 3rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade

77th and 78th "Green Lions" Spec Ops Regiment

31st, 82nd, 501st Heavy Armor Brigade

9th Jaeger Guard Regiment

Detachment Torni

Detachment Simo

1st and 2nd Army Cadet Regiment

45th Heavy Artillery Brigade

Order of Battle: Egypt Edit

4th, 6th, and 9th Armor Brigade

2nd, 3rd, and 16th Mechanized Infantry Regiment

1st, 11th, and 33rd Infantry Brigade

5th, and 8th Egyptian Jaeger Regiment (Formerly Republican Guard)

234th Rapid Response Division at Suez

68th "Green Lions" Spce Ops Regiment

546th Artillery and Missile Brigade

Media Edit

Finland Now is Republik of Finland's primary source of news, stories, and coverage of historic events. Although Finland Now is funded by the finnish government, Lauri Torni expressed that he wants the news source to report whatever they want, for however long they want to. They are the biggest new source in all of Orbis. The most views come from the Republik of Finland and the Eastern Asian Republic.

Lauri Torni's Disappearance Edit

After several months in office, Torni disappeared during a live-fire training in which he was leading a spec ops unit through the desert. Neither his body, nor the unit were found. Within a week, all the bodies of the spec ops unit were found among the ruins of a small village along with what seemed to be hundreds of Israeli rebels, yet there were no signs of Torni. It was only until the next week that they found Torni's body in a shack with 12 dead Israeli rebels. The rebels were ID'd as former Sayeret and Mista'arvim soldiers. Once news of Torni's heroic death reached homeland Finland, a large funeral was held in Polaria. Polaris of the Eastern Asian Republic gave a speech at the funeral and, according the Torni's final will, announced that the leadership will be passed on to Raiden. Raiden promised a much stronger, cybernetic military, along with closer ties with Polaris.

Military Conquest of Israel Edit

Finnish Tanks

Finnish Leopard 2a8 (front) and Leopard 2a4 (back) right outside of Tel Aviv firing upon Israeli bunkers.

After the military conquest of Egypt, Israel had congratulated Torni of his accomplishment and offered Finland a treaty. Torni declined the offer, but began working with local Arab nations, especially Turkey and Jordan. Israel has been angered not only by the rejection, but by Torni deciding to work with the Arabs. Israel placed more troops on the border with Egypt. On 8/12/15, Israel attacked and killed several Finnish Border Guards. Finland, along with Syria, Jordan, and Turkey, bombarded Israel with artillery, missiles, and airstrikes. After 12 days and nights or continuously raining death, Finland marches into Tel Aviv and declares Israel part of the Republik of Finland. Torni gained much more respect from the local Arab nations, including the Egyptians which he conquered. He also made several social and economic reforms to allow the Palestinians, Israelis, and Egyptians to have more freedom and prosper in the Republik of Finland.

Annexation of Finnmark and Toms counties Edit

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