The Viceroyalty of California
National Flag
Capital San Luis Obispo
Largest Cities Santa Cruz
Official languages English
- Recognized regional languages Spanish
Demonym Californian
Government Republican Viceroyalty
- Viceroy Gang Wu Men
Legislature Legislature of The Viceroyalty
- Upper House Senate of The Viceroyalty
- Lower House Assembly of The Viceroyalty
Supreme Court Judiciary of The Viceroyalty
- Annexation of San Luis Obispo

September 28, 2002
National Animal Grizzly Bear
Total Area 2300
- Land 2300
- Water 500
- 18% 18%
Total Population
- Ethnic Groups
Population Density 89.59
Alliance Affiliation The Republic of Hong Kong
Currency US Dollar
Nominal GDP
- Total
- Per Capita
2030 estimate
Literacy Rate 98%
Driving Lane Right
Date Format MM/DD/YYYY
Time Zone PST
The Viceroyalty of California (formerly Republic of California) is a commonwealth of Hong Kong, located in western North America. The Viceroyalty of California is split into separated municipalities throughout California, but is brought together under the same government. It has some autonomy, however, it is mostly administered by the government of Hong Kong. There is a strong sense of nationalism in California, and while the majority of citizens favor Hong Kong's rule, many support full independence.

History Edit

California has a short history, being a relatively new nation. This article will discuss the nation of The Republic of California, not any other Californias, or the Californian region.

Colonization and Beginning Edit

Hong Kong was rebuilding from the 168 Day War when Harrington decided to conquest into the Pacific. Harrington sent his best captain, Gang Wu Men, to sail a fleet across the Pacific. Wu thought Los Angeles may be a good commonwealth to set up, but it was already taken by other nations. Because of this, he went north, to San Luis Obispo. He had Hong Kong's military build up the broken down town, and created a military for the newly declared Republic. California invaded several nations, gaining much money for the new nation. With this money, Harrington had the military annex Santa Cruz, further up the coast.

Since annexation of the two cities. Hong Kong has focused on several industries. These include coal mining, agriculture, banking, and shopping. Their military is fairly large for their size.

Change to Viceroyalty Edit

Approximately a year had passed before Harrington realized the power of California's autonomy. Independence movements grew stronger, and Kowloon was losing its grasp over California. With support of Hong Kong's legislature, Harrington sent a force across the Pacific to occupy the small Republic of California. Using executive power, he declared it a viceroyalty under Hong Kong, hence more directly under the influence of Harrington and Hong Kong's legislature. Wu remained leader of Hong Kong, but he became a viceroy rather than a 'president,' as the new title ensured his powers were restricted.

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