A small paragraph about the nation:

The small nation of Cornwall has been through 3 wars and 2 leaders. Cornwall's motto is 'Onan hag oll' it stands for One and all. The flag is attributed to Saint Piran, a 5th-century Cornish abbot. One early use of a white cross and black background design is the 15th-century coat of arms of the Saint-Peran family the black on the flag represents black ore and the white cross represents tin (as Cornwall has a lot of tin mines). The capital is Turo with 111,000 citizens. Across the whole nation is has 265,000 citizens. The ruling party is Meybon Kernow.

The flag of the nation

Wars the nation has fought:

On the first day of the nations existence it went to war with polish cows Poland 2 and Cornwall won massively against the polish. The second war was with CT Allens Orca Cornwall won Orca put up some fortifications but Cornwall won in a matter of turns. This led to Gordons Change to pasty as much conspiracy built that Gordon wanted to gain world power. 21 days after when the nation was founded a nation started a raid war with cornwall and did well this was not cornwalls greatest moment. The war trued out a day later.

List of the nations Prime Ministers (leaders):

(its actually a picture of UK PM John major but it works so shush)

First Leader Gordon

[Day one - Day ten] Gordon -- Resignation due to rising tensions on him being a war criminal.

(its actually a picture of Dick Cole irl leader of Meybon Kernow again it works so shush)

Current leader Pasty

[Day ten- Present] Pasty -- Took over Meybon kernow in a leader election

Company's that this nation owns:

Cornwall owns its own bank called Cornish Democratic Bank this is a publicly owned bank created by pasty to 'help the many not the few'. The bank later shut due to little usage.

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