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Religious Turmoil
Part of the Pixelhugger's Nightmare
Date February 25, 2022 - March 1, 2022

(Duration: 4 days)

Casus belli

Ayyslamic Caliphate:

  • UU involvement in the destruction of the Ayyslam page

United Ummah:

  • Ayyslamic Caliphate being full of BK members; Islam > Ayyslam

Black Knights:

  • UU attacks on BK following AC attacks on UU


  • hits on their protectorate


  • Hits on FSO
Ayyslamic Victory
Preceded by
Fall of Rome
Pixelhugger's Nightmare
Succeeded by
Operation Unthinkable

Ayyslamic Caliphate Flag.png
Ayyslamic Caliphate
BK new flag.jpg
Black Knights White Peace
Ghost Division Flag.png
Ghost Division
The Fear Flag.gif
The Fear

United Ummah Flag.gif
United Ummah
FSO flag.jpg
Federated States of Orbis
World Task Force Flag.png
World Task Force
Soldiers of Liberty.jpg
Soldiers of Liberty


Ayyslamic Caliphate Flag.png Clown
Ayyslamic Caliphate Flag.png Wingawoo
Ayyslamic Caliphate Flag.png BigGtheSlayer
Ayyslamic Caliphate Flag.png Crazipanda
BK new flag.jpg Yosodog White Peace
Ghost Division Flag.png Noob the first
The Fear Flag.gif Kim Pockyman
The Fear Flag.gif Dwight k Schrute
The Fear Flag.gif Blink

United Ummah Flag.gif HaxBaba Surrendered
United Ummah Flag.gif Babur
FSO flag.jpgWreckpro
World Task Force Flag.png Nintendo
World Task Force Flag.png Globoid
World Task Force Flag.png Tapley
World Task Force Flag.png lucky258
World Task Force Flag.png Fenthal
Soldiers of Liberty.jpg Naked Snake

Religious Turmoil, also called Going into Afghanistan Again or the Ayyslam-Islam War, is an alliance war that began on February 25th 2022 when Ayyslamic Caliphate attacked United Ummah. United Ummah then launched counter attacks on Black Knights, bringing them into the conflict. BK's involvement in the conflict would end on February 27th.

Formation of Ayyslamic Caliphate

Ayyslamic Caliphate formed from 9 members leaving Black Knights right before attacking United Ummah.

Forces Involved

Black Knights

Following Ayyslamic Caliphate's attacks on United Ummah, Black Knights would be attacked by UU as counters for the conflict. Ayyslamic Caliphate was made up of former BK gov and members as well as being themed around the BK official religion Ayyslam, which has been used in wars such as Ayyslamic Crusade and Ayyslamic Raids. BK and UU would peace all their wars on February 27th, this is assumed to have been a White Peace agreement.

Federated States of Orbis

FSO during the conflict were a Protector of United Ummah. Shortly after UU was attacked, FSO launched counters against Ayyslamic-BK as apart of their defensive obligations with UU.

World Task Force and Soldiers of Liberty

WTF and SoL would both launch counters on Ayyslamic for the protectorate of their ally FSO. As part of their obligation as members of B.L.O.C. alongside FSO.

Ghost Division

GD would launch attacks on UU to assist their MDP ally Ayyslamic. UU would later counter these attacks themselves.

The Fear

The Fear would blitz WTF on the 28th of February to assist their MDoAP ally Ayyslamic. Fear had blitzed WTF at the start of the month which started Pixelhugger's Nightmare. United Ummah had also been at war with The Fear with during the concurrent Pixelhugger's Nigthmare War, making this war an extension of that war.

Other Notable Events

February 27, 2022

The Leader of United Ummah (Ottomans) left UU and joined the Ayyslamic Caliphate. Hours later he moved back the UU. After the conclusion of the war he then left again and joined Arrgh. He would be replaced as leader of UU by Babur.

Ayyslamic Caliphate deploying Freddy Fazbear in No-Mans-Land.png