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The Savior of Holy Light
Author Stormrideron & Prezyan

Prominent Figures

Holy God The Savior of Holy Light
The Universe Gods of Heavenly Beings

The Divine: Part I
The Divine: Part II
The Divine: Part III
The Divine: Part IV
The Divine: Part V
The Divine: Part VI
The Divine: Part VII
The Divine: Part VIII
The Divine: Part VIV
The Divine: Part X

The Divine RebirthEdit

During the Orbis infancy stage, Orbis was constantly being bombarded by meteorites and was shrouded by darkness, to a certain extent where some regions were soaked in aboslute darkness. Life rise and falls after the mass extinction. The Savior of Holy Light continue to radiate her pure energy toward Orbis. As the situation has calmed on Orbis, The Savior of Holy Light decided that one day she will descend to Orbis to revitalize the life. In the morning, she was walking on the ground and saw a green plant that has begun to blossom, The Savior of Holy Light knew that if she continue to protect the soon-to-be planet that will grow into a vibrate and alive community, she must ensure that the Darkness will not consume and bring havoc to Orbis. That comes at a cost of mortals being not able to see her in person, but continue to have faith that The Savior of Holy Light is fighting hard to ensure the life on Orbis will thrive. Thus the life is born on Orbis which will continue to grow in the next several thousand years.

Divine EducationEdit

The Savior of Holy Light was raised by her mother and father who are also gods. Forunately for The Savior of Holy Light, her family lived royally, thus she was homeschooled where she learned to become a god that soon overseers Orbis. She even encountered some wretched gods who have no desire in life, but only to bring chaos and sorrow to the world. Yet, these gods also serves an important roles in the world but to a lesser importance. Seemingly enough, all of the gods are immortal and they never seems to grow old or die --- rather that their widsom shows their power and prowess as well respect. 

The Savior of Holy Light was among the most Divine family member throughout her family. It was easy for her to forgive the sins and perform cleansing process. She also performed extorting the dark souls apart from the demons through rituals with intention to give them a second chance where they will live their life as mortal and exlied from the heaven. All of her actions are seen as moral and divine. As for her entire life to present, she has not done a single immoral action and is widely admired by the Gods of Heavenly Beings.

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