Symbol of Reformed Prodigism

Reformed Prodigism orginally was introduced by Narvan Empire who adopted Prodigism and alternated it to enhance the Divine Commandents of Prodigism, thus Reformed Prodigism was born. However, on one of the day, the Saxonians decided to convene to discuss about the emphasis and how the world view on Reformed Prodigism. Knowing that Divine Light is the most powerful and endless source of energy that cannot be deny because of the fact that it exists. The Saxonians overthrew the old image figure of The Savior of Holy Light due to the reason it does not obey the Divine Commandents. Together, they came with an image that better represents the image of Reformed Prodigism. A female angel warrior who wield one of the most immortal and destructive sword, known as "The Lightbringer." Legends were to be told that on the final day of the battle, The Savior of Holy Light will descend into the heart of Darkness and end the battle between the Light and the Darkness for once of all. 
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The Savior of Holy Light

The sword in center of the symbol is The Lightbringer which seems to be radiating from center outward as the angelic feather sprouts forward that represents Divine, Faith and Truth. The white rim that encases the yellow sphere depicts angelic protection that rejects any falsehood, sins or the demons --- only to allow the faithful ones to transcend into the heaven.  The sense of benevolence and warmth that sun beams represents protection and care to cradle the civilizations and to ensure that they will thrive. 

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