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Red Wedding
Date 06-21 November 2017
Result HS Beiged; Ragnarok & Lordran counter-offensive; White Peace
Preceded by
Celestial Invasion of Duat
Arrgh lmao War
Succeeded by
Oblivion-Zeon War
Arrgh Red Flag.png
House Stark Second Flag.jpg
House Stark

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Arrgh Red Flag.png Ripper

House Stark Second Flag.jpg Zygon
Ragnarok Flag.jpg Trajan
Ragnarok Flag.jpg Jeremy Graham
Lordran War Flag.jpg Kynlo
Lordran War Flag.jpg Gorge

63 nations
72,688.65 score
121 nations
202,650.99 score

The Red Wedding or Red Birthday was a massive offensive by Arrgh against House Stark on November 6, 2017. Arrgh proceeded to declare 60 wars against House Stark filling most of their war slots. During the conflict on November 8 House Stark celebrated its first birthday. The last wars of the offensive which weren't beiged expired on November 11, 2017. The conflict re-ignited the following day, however, when Ragnarok and Lordran declared war on Arrgh in defense of House Stark. Ragnarok and Lordran officially ended their counterattacks on November 21, 2017.


Offensive on House Stark

Following the offensive, House Stark implemented a strategy of quickly telling their members to send all of their money and resources to their alliance bank which they then proceeded to send off to another off-shore account so that Arrgh would not gain any loot from the wars. After doing this most House Stark members did not fight back against their Arrgh opponents and just suffered infra damage from the attacks. Arrgh clarified in talks with House Stark that they did not plan to declare further wars and would end the conflict after the first round of wars ended.

Following the war, Arrgh calculated that they had gained 500 million in loot from the offensive and had caused House Stark to lose 4 billion in total assets.

Foreign Involvement

On November 7, one Pantheon member declared war on an Arrgh nation in defense of a House Stark nation. Pantheon government clarified that it was unsanctioned, however, and had the member in question peace out and proceeded to pay reps to Arrgh.

Belated Defense

Just as the conflict was near its end with all remaining wars expiring, Ragnarok and Lordran launched an assault on Arrgh which they clarified was in defense of House Stark. However, as it had been nearly a week since the initial assault, Arrgh had already started a separate conflict with the Black Knights, cancelling the original target lists and war plans of the two alliances. Ragnarok launched 9 wars on Arrgh while Arrgh retaliated with 4. Lordran launched 17 wars on Arrgh while Arrgh retaliated with 3 wars. Ragnarok and Lordran officially ended their counterattacks on November 21, 2017.

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