Red Missile War
Date 08-15 November 2014
Casus belli Hereno being leader of SI
Result Hereno steps down as leader of SI
Preceded by
War of Purple Aggression
Succeeded by
Thunderstruck War
Terminus Est Flag
Terminus Est
Socialist International Flag
Socialist Internatioanl

Terminus Est Flag Phiney

Socialist International Flag Hereno

10 members
3,055.45 score
40 members
5,454.36 score

The Red Missile War was a conflict that began on the 08 November 2014 when Terminus Est declared war on the Socialist Internatioanl. TEst stated it was due to SI's leader Hereno being annoying. Prior to the war, Hereno had attempted to approach test about creating a red team color bloc. TEst, however, shot the idea down. The conflict ended a week later with Hereno stepping down for a period of at least 2 months. The war saw the launch of the first and second missiles in the main game by Phiney against Hereno.


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